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How To Pinstripe: Custom Pinstripes with Rick Harris & Kevin Tetz – Pt.1 of 3 – Eastwood

How To Pinstripe: Custom Pinstripes with Rick Harris & Kevin Tetz – Pt.1 of 3 – Eastwood

hey guys welcome to another broadcast
for the eastwood company i’m kevin gates and you’re watching via the internet and
it’s a wonderful device we do these live workshops all the time several year and the one thing that
separates this one from the last one that we that we did was that we’ve got a
guest this is a live stream is going to be on
pin striping and we’ve got one of the best guys on the planet mr. Rick Harrison Rick thank you so much
for being a part of our our little details for you today my absolutely fine it’s it’s awesome and I’ve been a fan of
yours for a long time before we get into it i want it i want to tell people about
how i first heard about rick harris I was a manager to body shop and we had a
car come it was a it was a 4th gen camaro black car and of course you know front-end collision damage and there was
this pin stripe on it that was just laser straight and it was
a sixteenth of an inch looks like just a taste under it was two colors and of
course we did the estimate on the car and by the time i’m talking to the
adjuster and I said I said this is a hand-lettered car it’s a hand striped
car so I need an extra you know next year budget for that so you’re sure we worked at all times
and when we got in and got it done got inspected I look down the quarter panel
and this beautiful pinstripe and it says Harris I could barely see it and you signed
your work and that was the first time that that I was exposed to and this is
early nineties probably 91 or 92 and we called you and you said I’m up in
charlotte and your stripe in NASCAR’s at the time in your hood so we had to make
an appointment with you and I actually painted couple trucks while I was up
there for canning Johnny yeah yeah yeah we had fun about that
didn’t work out it didn’t I went up there to get rich
and famous and came back for a knob school but feels well it’s one of those
things where it’s stuck in my head for a long time and after that I just my
awareness of rick harris heart has been growing and growing and growing and you
do fantastic work sticky and enjoy the day well and obviously you do and you see
the need and passing it on and you two classes going to do we do classes couple
times a year . close are we will try to get some kids involved to keep our going
because stripers are dying off all the time and they’re taking their art with
them and their skills and I just want to pass it on yeah keep it going yeah we got to keep
it going and hey if you want your little bit more about Harris up precarious
history we did a podcast interview that’s now available on YouTube just do
a search for rick harris interview on the eastwood Eastwood podcast or go to
the podcast site on itunes we can still get that interview which is a very
popular by the way so it was fun I’m tickled that you’re here and the
best thing about this is i get to look over your shoulder and get a lesson on
striping so I’m stoked man you’re gonna be held in the brush before it’s over
with now i’m reading with you I’m ready so I don’t know I was going to
ask you all about the history the origin of pinstriping out you know how long is
it since the horseless carriage days have vehicles with striped right striping goes way way way back buddies
were strides and before horses carriages game where I am right we’re doing the
wheels they were doing the bodies anything that people road and they can decorate them
up stagecoach yeah no well that’s traits coach and a
striped and lettered up and wells fargo and all that yeah and they were doing the wheels and
the bodies and everything but they weren’t doing designs much they were
doing straight line and stuff and Henry forward striped all the wheels on the t
models with a circle in the middle you have circled on the outside and each
spoke at a little wire on it i remember this game out of it would not
want that job because you’re doing a thousand miles a day yeah yeah every color had a strike wheel
and I was just part of the deal but fine dirt came along in the early fifties and
did the first design who freehand design and it caught on and
everybody liked it and started copying his stuff and so now everybody does it
and get whole deal get started with Jennifer Howard and the early fifties
and the code itself under chand that he’s kind of the godfather of the
striking movement really growing yep and truly an icon again in the
industry a wonderful artist but it wasn’t just pinstriping that he did
right he made pistols from scratch he made
nice from scratch get a little bit of everything did lettering you know movie props you
name it did a car for the rivers with steve
mcqueen did a lot of stuff yeah very cool was very talented man so well my
heart is just a part of what he did yeah that’s what everybody remembers him
by yeah it’s the stripe in design see all the stuff we sure made his mark on
on custom painting didn’t know yeah flying elbow yep he’s created that
everybody is still doing I’m fine absolutely absolutely yeah well
a lot of people get intimidated just like when i try to coach people on how
to paint their own car with my education dvds people are intimidated until they
figure out that it’s just simple steps and now this is painting a car but I
wanted to ask you you teach classes is it something that people can catch on
to this training is absolutely well i mean i have people they start the
class on a Saturday who never having held as tracking brush before who by the end of the day they’re
comfortable with it yep they’re making designs and there they can see that
practice will make them better and they can get a handle on it you know yeah so it’s just a brush I mean I tell
them don’t be scared of a little brush it’s not going to hurt you uh-huh but it’s just brushing playing
but you’ve got to get your brain and your hand connecting yep to make it flow yeah and I mean
anybody can do it with a little practice what nothing or you heard it from rick
harris you guys can learn this stop so going to use trying to enforce that okay yeah you’re gonna say that you’re
my friend the brush scared two down now you can do it ok well let’s get started
here at first of all i wanted to show this panel off this is absolutely
beautiful man thank you yes this was when i was an
instructor international elevational college this was one of the things that
we have the students do we have them do a little chrome in my class I don’t do
the VA yeah and we hand-cut this it was not a
computer cut mass that was hand cut with an exacto knife Wow and so every student did that on a panel
and i just saved all the man from the class and I finish it up by adding a
strike to it and clear coated it but that was that was one of our panels that
we did it it’s cool but it’s it’s a beautiful that
was really a lot of fun i had a lot of kids in the airbrush class that they’re
very well with it yeah didn’t I did you choose these
colors or did students do this sometimes I let them pick yeah you know
I tried to give them as much that area and put reflect on have a product name
it up and sometimes they taking sometimes I did see ever depends on the class but I think in this
case pick the colors and did the marble Iser was different color
in the center and we pulled it with saran wrap yeah out on that little trick who made a
lot of fun with very cool what are the things I like the most
about your work in particular is that you choose colors from your palate that
I would never even consider and and I’ve talked to a couple of guys that they
know your work and they don’t even try and suggest colors to you when you’re
doing a job so I what speaks to how do you plan colors on your pants on the
vehicle I mean if some guys got a real radical
airbag pick up yeah with 20 sony and he’s got a well
paint job he’s gonna like while striving yep and
wild colors if it’s a brand new Cadillac and it’s an old lady driving it he we’re going to put while colors on her
car we’re going to do the interior colors and keep it real subtle example
it depends on the vehicle and the individual yeah they’re hardly recently
put some paint on me because it’s a lady that rat cc1 think on the boy yep it looks fine for her some guy may
not want to read it but the bike had pink right and black on a pearl white
that it’s really pretty together yeah but it looks like her yeah and she
came and said here’s the pillars along that’s interesting so might work if you
drop personality from the vehicle and to be exactly exactly because they
sometimes they got a favorite color that they’ve got to have on their vehicle and
some work and some of them don’t you know that I try to use their input as
much as possible yeah i mean they got to be happy with so you don’t want her to be comfortable
going down the road yeah yeah I put some weird colors
together before and see how that works and sometimes it doesn’t have washed it
out before locking it in that area yeah yeah but now we try to try like the
customer pick yeah and I think it’s more fun that one
what they don’t want me to be happy I mean they have a little bit of ownership
in it – sure yeah i mean this thing there your brand new vehicle you’re stuck with
me for a while right yeah whatever you want to make it look good yeah well speaking of paint eastwood
cells one shot paint it’s not the only striping pain out there but let’s talk
about one shot and some of the other odd one it’s been around I mean that’s the pain
i started with 45 years ago yeah and most people that know the pinstriping
know about one shot it’s still being used handpainted
lettering is coming back with a big time that’s nice to hear ups they’re still using one shot it can be
catalyzed you can put a hardener any ten percent harder yeah ninety percent pine and you can
clear coat over it but i recommend if you do that let it dry overnight right
before your thing clear so won’t lift it ok makes it more durable even if you
don’t clear over you can catalyze it and make it more durable right and a
catalyst as you guys know cross-links and as it is something wrong yeah so and you can use the harder from
the clear coat that’s going over the top of it you can put that harder in it I works
just fine so with if you’re doing that if you
don’t have the one-shot harder just for the viewers are watching for how much
harder you putting a couple of drops & % temperature yeah just a few just a
little bit yeah some guys pay a little harder into
the paint as they’re using it because if you mix up a batch of praying with the
harder in it it’ll look what happens to it yes yeah and so what you don’t use your
waist that because it kicks off in the can it’s done yes but yeah you can use the harder that
is in the clear and it works just fine right and this is lettering an apple yeah but
you’ve got some other brands here these are urethanes your house of color and
custom shop a lot of people that are doing harley-davidson’s our course is clear
coating over every time yeah the leaf work there striping whatever
they’re doing and these are base coats that can be cleared literally who within an hour ok so right you
strike it can have to put a harder in it yeah i’m looking for the paint back in
the can when you get through that drive 45 minutes or an hour put your clear
coat on you’re done yeah the advantage of this
in my opinion is the pearl and the metallic colors that are available right these guys custom shop has 50 50
different colors and some of our outstanding they got beautiful gold
metallic sin mala caster and housecoats been around to for a long time they have about 26 24 26 colors even but
custom shop is 50 and I’ve used some of the prettier ones and they’ve got some
purple pearls yeah and green pearls and stuff that are just magnificent and they offer three different degrees
of harder to for the temperature range that you’re working in imagine oh yeah if it dress too fast in the brush you’re
constantly watching the brush out right and reload and all that kind of stuff so
you want to slow it down I recommend using the harder for the
temperature with the one shot attempt you obviously some time right so it’s gonna slow it down
absolutely does lowes the paint down some people use turpentine and mineral spirits lacquer thinner by
using whatever is available yeah this is better because it’s not
harmful to the tiny number one yeah it reduces it without destroying lacquer
thinner cooks the in mammals so hard that it flattens out within six months yeah it’s on the car anyway use the
reducer for the temperature obviously in the winter you’re not going to use
height and producer and grains location but anyway it works better to use a
reducer made for the product absolutely where you working within a family of
components that are designing working together is entitled you get used to it yea networks the same every time right
stuff it’s constantly changing yeah they work today and it didn’t work
tomorrow you can’t do that so i always use the relation good results we will
talk about brushes in a little bit when we actually get to use your brushes but
these are mac brushes it’s kind of an industry standard with the mac brushes
correct and still made in Michigan and they there’s lots of different versions of a
mac available now on I’ll show you a couple of them when we get into the
paint yeah max still makes in my opinion the best all-around striping brush that
there is even there are some other brushes that some people are using the
European brushes are still good four straight lines to write the German
brushes are always good straight-line brushes but they weren’t so good for
doing a little type design yeah Matt makes a lot of different
brushes and i’ll show you a couple of when we get into the test that’s still the best thing well that’s the best thing going and i’m
excited for you to share with our viewers at some of the tweets that you
got for your brushes some rick harris tweaks that you’ve got a lot of fast in
a little bit well you know what that’s all right it’s just use your style but
there’s one thing you that’s not a brush on some people call it a cheater stripe it’s the bugler wheel now you can get
this from the east with company as well but and you can there’s different sized tips some people
think this is cheating on striping but we were talking about this earlier and
you’re saying that this can be used for a completely different of purpose that
sort actually can complement your brushes on a different type of it you
can do a design with it right very well but if you got a boat
trainer who that you want to strive for a horse trailer or a flatbed truck with
the wooden stakes sticking up and uh yeah this is a great tool for that
anything that has an h or you can just hang the roller and roll it like a boat
trailer always a strike at the top and a strike at the bottom they’re always done with the bugler
right and pretty much anybody can use it takes one shot . you put the one shot in
here he you fill it up you take it apart fill it up with a pint
and it basically loads the wheel up right and as the wheel rolls it deposits
the paint on whatever surface that you’re striking out and the wheels are
different widths for different with stripes even worse okay yes okay I
wouldn’t want to do a 32 forward with it right you know a little more difficult they
still need to be done with a brush look for things like horse trailers and
boats trailers yep that’s the way to go cool very good have used it before work
very very well save me a lot of time that’s right a small power track with
one of those wants ok that’s a lot of that’s not a strike
yes two strikes per lane yeah and hate colors times eight lines wow ok you know trying to do it with a brush that still
be their stride yet and these magnetic guys they’ll really work well with using
this is a guide and also this I use these for a plasma cutting fence
in plasma torch you can draw it belongs right you can do courage you have a glad
to go back absolutely yeah but you were also talking about guys that handle it
or using these as a as a guide as well right you can most everybody when they do
lettering though they’re using a mile state yeah they prefer hand up by saying
letter a minute I’m enhance striping I’m just a hand – you can do it with this
and it works quite well but most don’t know steel vehicle didn’t work too well
on the new Ford pickups with the aluminum body no no you stick it on the
truck and you strive right beside ya and then peel it off and get through right
with the gas doing a whole lot of data ship or doubles down both sides that’s a
good to get the great too very cool all right that kind of covers
the basics and by the way there’s a basic strokes and patterns DVD it is actually a DVD produced by Mac who
makes the brushes and this is available but we gotta talk Rick Harrison to
producing the line of dvds and you have time to be happy . we have talked about
how we need to do that absolutely I would love to do a demo day
v day that we can say hello to everybody yeah well let’s let’s let’s keep
considering that down the road but let’s let’s throw some paint on your talk to
me about what have we got here this is obviously it’s a panel this is an aluminum panel that we’re
going to practice on and it’s powder cavity so we can wash it off and wash it
off and wash it off and it won’t hurt to material right this one is a little bit thicker it’s a
60,000 panel makes it less flexible but i want to show you some basics with the
brush how to load it how to control it it’s
all about controlling the brush once your man wraps around controlling that
rushing anything you 28 ok ok all right that makes sense it
makes sense to you alright so we’re talking about how to
load up the brush right yes well i will show you how to hold it
first ok and brush has a top side of the bottom side you can you can’t strike up
sat down with on a Mac brush there’s only three parts the hair the
handle the feral is the string that hosts the the whole two bases again ok the bump is always on the right hand
side so if you’re holding this brush properly this is on the right all right all right
it has a straight agent has a probation you obviously want curvaceous on the
bottom so we’re going to load it up with a muppet and really good and tight here
and get a lot of things you want to what does that do this foot is much pain in the brush as
you can possibly load up in it one tap you want full you can strive
with an empty brush so you want lots and lots of pain that got you so it’s the
all of the hair has paint on yep all right now finger palette which
is a nasty habit I don’t want you doing it don’t do it I
pull the paint down into the higher just a little bit when you strike you’re
going to hold the brush in those two fingers in these three are gonna support
your hanging good so you plant the brush I’ll slice the panel thanks like that we’re always gonna make sure we got
plenty of playing it to do business and down here ok so you’re forcing the paint down into
the bottom of the president’s making sure that it stays good and evenly field
because you don’t want the end around that was obviously if it runs out of
paint you’re going to stop striving the most designs have a center that
everybody was a tiered okay that looks like a teardrop I do
well most designs start with that basic move right there ok now from then you can do what you
want to do a pretty much but I love out of on Dutchess designs always were
balanced from side to side so whatever you do on the right side you
want to do pay on the left side pick your spot try to get them as even
as you can and you’re working from the inside out word yeah but I go back and forth to keep
both sides the sign as much as possible ok and we’re still working with the same
brush full of pine with him reloaded it i’m still undeevetted i yeah so somebody that doesn’t want to get
into the habit of finger palitan how show me how to do that around if you
don’t think your part you have to go back here every time I understood that
more time I ok if you’re really in a hurry yeah
they’re that cost you a lot of time but we’re still going I started on the right every time and I
don’t know if it’s from being left handed or just being force of habit I
just do it same every time but i always do the right one first he
then the last set now we’re going to come down here and
we’re going to cross all of this and we try to get as close to the Centers we
can without actually touching it think you can do this no you make it look so easy a little bit
of practice a little bit of practice and neither would you be giving me around
from my mind I don’t know about that so there’s back
to your finger thing so if i had a pair of gloves on I could finger palette and
don’t worry about the exposure to the paint no way yeah right you lose a
little bit of the field hmm but if you want didn’t want to get paint
on your hands which I’ll admit it is a very nice to have it and it’s probably
not healthy and all of their – they don’t they took the layout of the paint
so the pain is not as harmful as it used to be right I was never do you get lead poisoning
but I had let paint on my fingers for a long time every day yeah but yeah you can put a glove on and
do it with a glove in it would it would be about the same as far as the way the
brush is working right with that design was old man with one brush for the plank can I ask you a question miss her with
every line you’re drawn right back down into the center instead of stopping
that’s already covered it’s not going to be any more red why do
you draw it all the way down well more at a habit in anything but I
was always talk to go all the way to the hand with every stroke even so it wouldn’t show where you
stopped and started to sit sometimes if the pain is heavier where you stop it
would show when you keep going down it flows back and every x one coat a nice
and it does ok and you want to and as good design is
continuous all the way through you want this design to be continuous
all the way through in other words there’s no plans that are open-ended yeah you never want to leave a line
sticking out by itself because it doesn’t have anywhere to go yeah you got to make them all connect
ready to try shot it is yes I guess so I’m gonna wash that off
and i will love this brush of and you’re going to put your first line all right i’m gonna coach you a little
bit and even you can do this buddy as good as you are with everything else this really shouldn’t even be a step for
you understand what I’ve always wanted to
learn so I i love the fact that I’m learning from you I want you to not be scared of it and
have some fun with and you guys yes start somewhere right yep I tell you
what if i was a finger paladin like that i would have paint all over my shop I would have paint everywhere I don’t
know how you too late nobody’s called and Ricky cramps and I
do get Ricky prints on stuff and I when you have to have some of your
fingerprint on my color all the door and no well yeah I didn’t want it on the
door but they they wash it off if you catch this paint within the first couple
of hours you can pretty much get it back off meeting one shot once it’s cured
over nine is is pretty durable it’s it’s it’s very hard to get off yeah so you have to be careful if you’re
removing if you got to be careful how long you let it stay on you don’t want
to you know yeah you don’t want to permanently
messed something up it can be stripped made around striping
can be removed but it’s it’s sometimes it’s a real pain to get off based on a
new vehicles kept fresh paint job and now will you see vehicles that were
strapped in the fifties that you know are survivors or whatever you want to
call them and the pinstriping is you may be faded a little bit here and there but
it does hold up very well over time I’ve had striking out last factory paint jobs
yeah I don’t doubt that the surviving there’s hundreds maybe thousands of
factory paint job over the years talking about the act when they were deal and so
bad I guess I’m enough yes extract a bunch of them in the
forward pate or Chevy paid Lauren no excuses there is your brush all right so I’m left-handed like you
you know the bump to the right side yet all right hold it between those three
fingers put these three down two supportive ok so I’m just gonna do a practice here
yeah so is that the right hand position sure drop the brush down a little bit all right so I’m nervous about starting
just just plan it all right planet planet and start pony there you
go watching go folks I say that not as
scary as she got ya been baby huh i’m going to do something silly like that see it got wide there and I knew like
house is the printer with a pressure on the brush the harder you match the weather stripe
gets the less that you pressure you put on it and never wear the striped guess
so yeah what you did right there you matched it a little more yes ok and that’s when i get water all
right one more try and do the same thing but it doesn’t look like a cat get it so you have good hand coordination to
start out with so this is not that difficult well that’s from years of of paint gun
training see trying to curb the corner I was ok until I went around the corner
what happened there . the way you keep the corner from flaring out you have to
roll the brush and that’s the hardest thing to learn to do and striping is
going around like a 90-degree con me if you don’t roll the brush this drive
starts out nice and thin and it gets real fit in the turn which is exactly
what I many down the hands out again now get what what’s what it’s doing from
here to here the brush is trying to spread out ok the hair is trying to get wetter so
to keep it from at me we’re gonna roll brush to the inside of
the turn and then once we get past the turn we’re going to roll the brush back
up on the blade and the line will it stay small from system yeah yeah that
makes sense can I give it a shot creating my competitor you’re creating
about fan is what you’re creating if I wasn’t one already all right so I’m just gonna do what you
did here the hardest thing to learn in striving is tight turns and 90 degree
turns is it always everybody’s problem once they once you
finally get place that you can get anything with it that you want I see what you’re talking about with the
control that it gives you an just a slight roll it’s not having them you have to sort of
go about a fourth of a turn and that’s how i got a day I want to drag my fingers and I want to
do one more 90 yeah

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  • lord Machado says:

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    I'm 17 and have been learning basic auto body for a few months now, not an apprentace though my own place so that has let me get alot of painting and practice done. After I nail all the basics I'm gonna start and try learn pinstriping. Love lowriders man and art in general been drawing and painting forever

  • Austin Petersen says:

    Technique starts at 17:32

  • Asif Ifas says:

    Very cool video no intrest to me tbh. Apart from the the fact two experienced guys are talking shop. Thats always intresting.

    Its awesome to watch people teach their skill who knows mayb ill try it one day.

    But just pin stripes none of these fandago designs that look epic bcos we know they are all hand with eye. Thats skill.

    Thanks for the video, but im English and never really took off here.

    Some fords just had pin stripes. Or go faster stripes lol.

  • Johnny Johnny says:

    What was Rick striping on? A vinyl sheet? This would be useful to practice on.

  • emo fish from spongebob says:

    when you're in black slacks with accentuating off white pinstripes whoaa

  • NateonNeptune says:

    Did he wipe that panel down with thinner or dewax?

  • A P says:

    I love pinstriping! Been doing it most of my life. I'm going portable now and need his tripod palette table. Where can I find it or how was it made? Thank you!!

  • Skully says:

    I really enjoyed that….Great lesson…..Thanks! Skully UK

  • Doug Birnbaum says:

    Where would I look to get a panel like that?

  • Eriberto Acedo says:

    Hello Eastwood just like to mention I’ve been cruising through YouTube watching stripers they’re good they have their own style that being said to the new stripers I’ve mentioned to them male and female I thank them for their interest in vintage style pinstriping hoping they would teach others this vintage talent for all you Watchers get into this you’ll love it plus cash in your pocket.?

  • Eriberto Acedo says:

    hello once again shallow up on your intro chat get to the point you’re being watched buy our future painters, pinstripers, sign painters come on get to the heart of your this I do like your products OK?

  • iliketakingshowers says:


  • Bracey Turner says:

    Starts at 17:32

  • Sean Gilder says:

    THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND. I think I just found my new job.

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