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How to Participate in the Silver Beard Art Challenge – Join the Fun #SilverBeardArtChallenge

How to Participate in the Silver Beard Art Challenge – Join the Fun #SilverBeardArtChallenge

hi art family I’m so excited that you’re
here today it’s time to announce another art challenge community art challenge
that I’ll be hosting on my channel and I’m so hoping that you will participate
it’s gonna be a lot of fun so if you are new to collaborations here on YouTube a
welcome and I hope that you’ll join in they’re a fantastic way to grow your
channel and meet other like-minded youtubers we have a fantastic art family
here everyone is so supportive and it’s so much fun I’ll be giving you the
details on how you can participate in today’s short little video answering any
questions that you may have so here’s how it works it’s really simple to
participate all you have to do is include the color silver or include a
bearded man in your artwork and isn’t that gonna be fun so we’re gonna call a
challenge the silver beard art challenge so here’s how to participate in the
silver beard art challenge create your artwork featuring the color silver or
create your artwork featuring a bearded man upload your video to your own
channel on Friday December 13th 2019 any time of the day and then be sure to
include that hashtag silver beard art challenge in the title of your video and
so there are a lot of ways that you can that you can do this this prompt it’s
going to be a lot of fun you can either choose to use or feature the color
silver and and so I’m wearing the color silver here I’ve got some silver jewelry
Muffin’s got a little bit of silver in her fur coat don’t you yes and so that’s
one way to do it the other way to do is to include an elf or Santa or a serious
bearded portrait that type of thing so for if you like to do portraits this is
definitely your challenge if you like the silver the
gleam and glitter of silver and the sheen of silver then this is your
challenge too so all art mediums are welcome I’ve got a silver Sharpie here
and some other silver art supplies there is my for my Arteza colors there’s
the silver silver oil color that they have Crayola also has a silver in
their acrylic set this color silver and you can use other colors besides silver
in your artwork just make sure that that silver is featured if you decide to the
to it to use the prompt using the color side of it if you decide to use any
instead the bearded man then there are lots of options you can do with that as
well so here’s some calligraphy ink that I have from Winsor and Newton so there
are lots of different ways to interpret this and lots of different colors and
styles that can be incorporated here’s my Christmas tree and I have only
Santas on my tree and there’s such a variety of Santas that you can do if
you decide to do Santa for your bearded man if you want to interpret the
challenge using just the idea of a beard then of course you can go crazy with
color here’s a little Santa that I made last year I’ve got a video out on how to
make him little Santa on the shelf but if you go the bearded man route that can
be a lot of fun you could do you know like a fun and
whimsical or you can do a serious portrait of a bearded man you could do
an elf you could do someone from folklore you could do a historical
figure there’s so many different ways that a bearded man could be the approach
that you can go I’ll be taking everybody that uses the hashtag and putting your
video into a giant group play list out on my channel my Dena Tollefson
channel don’t be a big playlist so everybody can see what everybody else
came up with and everybody is welcome to participate my meaning for this to be
inclusive you know we all are one art family here we’re here to support each
other and also to look at the diversity of what we would come up with be sure to
let me know if you need to upload on a different day and and then also feel
free to use any other colors anything else as long as you are featuring either
a beard or you’re featuring the color silver oh my goodness I cannot wait to
see what you will create for the silver beard art challenge it’s gonna be a lot
of fun to see what you create I can’t wait to see what everyone else is gonna
create for this it’s gonna be so much fun
Muffin and I are very excited about yes we are we’re very excited about this so
thank you for coming by to my studio today thank you for subscribing thank
you for liking and sharing this video I hope that you will also be sure to
invite other YouTube friends so that they can join in on our family and join
in on the fun so until next time this is Dena Tollefson
and Muffin and all my best to you bye bye

54 Replies to “How to Participate in the Silver Beard Art Challenge – Join the Fun #SilverBeardArtChallenge”

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Please leave me a comment below to say you are participating. I can't wait to see your Silver Beard Art Challenge artwork!

  • Earth Angel Healer says:

    Looking forward to this 🙂

  • Alcheon Art says:

    Can't wait! Already have a few ideas – now onto the drawing board! 😀

  • Schaefer Dietrich says:

    Looks like a good challenge. I assume that the bearded man in the artwork needs to have a white beard.

  • In The Garden & The Blessings says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Challenge. Great I might have some garden gnomes or therapy coloring books and some grey markers etc to find something artsy to do. Will see.

  • Wandering Art says:

    Hey Dena! This sounds fun, definitely going to be participating ??

  • David Denton Art says:

    Sorry, I've just missed this premiere. This sounds like a really interesting challenge Dena. I'm going to go for the beardy part because that's the part that I really don't want to do. I do like to push myself 🙂

  • The Art Adventure says:

    awesome ?

  • theun speakable says:

    This sounds wonderful Dena. Thank you so much ? I have so much fun participating in your challenges??

  • Tejaa Artists says:

    wow NICE ART

  • Doktorr Rocke ART says:

    hi! cool video!thank you for sharing! i uploaded yesterday, would like to hear what you think about it 😉 aloha from austria…

  • Dixit Koteshwar says:

    Wow.. really nice. Have a great day ?

  • Weblight Dreams says:

    Sounds like a very fun challenge. I, unfortunately, have a collab that will go up that day. 🙁 Maybe in the next one. 🙂 Can't wait to see what everyone does for this challenge.

  • Qujin Comic Art says:

    Sounds lovely Dena. it will be great see what you and others make.

  • Elf Lords Journeys says:

    This truly is a challenge, never have worked with the color silver but I'm willing to try.?

  • Carolyn's Art Adventures says:

    This sounds fun! I will hopefully manage to do something for it.

  • HappyAngel Drawings says:

    Hi Dena!! I became so excited already when I saw you uploaded a new art challenge video ^^ this is a really interesting challenge, I like your ideas, they always push me further and help me grow my art skills more ^^ Can't wait to see what everyone will come up with ^^

  • Ian Jackson says:

    hi Dena ill not be doing any video on you tube till we find out if the FTC & you tube will change there mind with the COPPA think, I hope you all enjoy your art challenge and what ever art you do

  • Freya Chandra says:

    Great video! I absolutely love the amount of hard work that you put towards your channel!

  • Bojan Djuleijc says:

    Great work.Congratulations,all the best.

  • Annalisa Ely says:

    This sounds awesome – I've already got ideas!

  • Mila Kids says:

    Hello ???

  • Angela Rohret says:

    You come up with some of the best challenges! My "great pumpkin" was a flop (that's why it never made it to the big screen), but I'm excited to do something for the silver beard. Would a picture of Gary count? ? He has a beard with silver in it. ? Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. There is so many options!

  • Impressionist Fine Art with Ryn Shell says:

    You made this for me. 🙂 My plans for my channel was to turn the life of the Boomers and beyond into art as the focus of my YouTube channel from 2020. My current work in progress is holding the hand of a beautiful grey-bearded man who has been my other half for fifty-two years, but whom I can no longer care in our home. I now don't want to pant roses. All I want to paint is him and images that show the humour, courage, love of people of his generation. I will attempt to be ready to launch my new theme, compete I think with a channel renaming, for your channel. Thank you for giving me my first art and YouTube goal since our (my husband and mine) world has changed to a two homes (one in hospital and one transitioning between hospital and home) state.

  • Impressionist Fine Art with Ryn Shell says:

    Dena, I have never worked in a challenge such as this before and I'm not sure of the rules. If I were to do YouTube videos, say once per week, or more of the main challenge work in progress, would I, or could I, also tag those #SilverBeardArtChallenge with a link to this, your Silver Beard Art Challenge in the description and the comments section? You have given me my reason to get back on the horse after the fall. 🙂 I love you for that.
    ow, I need to rush away and hold my grey bearded man's hand and tell him about this. 🙂

  • Pyrography Made Easy says:

    Hi Dena,
    you come up with a lot of unique challenges. Hope it does well. Sorry I can't participate this go around.
    By the way, congrats on 2K subs!

  • Ist mir Wunst says:

    I'll keep this in mind

  • Luci Dadoyan says:

    Hooray! Another at challenge! I’m excited Dena! Thanks for hosting these fun challenges for everyone! ??


    Wow…. It sounds great… I'm going to participate..???

  • Ricette Di Casa Mia says:

    like 30 new subscriber , I make video recipes , pass by when you have time 🙂

  • Costel Andone says:

    Hi Dena! I think I will participate this time! Happy painting and see you soon!

  • Paint with J says:

    Interesting! Very much eager to participate.

  • Naisann Charles says:

    Congratulations on 2k subscribers keep up the goodwork FRIEND

  • TheLoriFiles says:

    ooh.. a bearded man or silver.. hmm.. I am sure I can work something out .. this will be fun!

  • Paint and Pinot in Perth says:

    You’re so full of wonderful ideas, love this ? I might have to go and buy some silver paint ????

  • Ruth Wambugu says:

    Beautiful video. I wish I can do some art work sometime.You have a great channel and I'm so excited to keep learning how to be a good painter .

  • Artfully Yours with Diana says:

    Hi Dena…………it sounds like a fun challenge ! Thank you for hosting these regular challenges! And thank you for visiting my livestream yesterday……greatly appreciated❤️. Have a good day !

  • KG Art says:

    Wow awesome my friend ???

  • DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen. says:

    I am sure i had left a comment on this video, but not so !
    On watching this video again, i got very excited about your new challenge..i know exactly what to draw, an original image popped into my head . I am going to spend a lot of time on this drawing, i am going to really enjoy drawing this subject : )

  • BellTastic Art says:

    I hopefully will be able to do this challenge! I have a silver gel pen but my silver paint went crusty a few months ago

  • Mi Space says:

    Great video???

  • Luna Lotus says:

    Oh I'm so going to participate I love the color Silver!! Thanks for all the nice challenges Dena c:

  • GoodArt says:

    Hi Dena, your videos are amazing, they are very nice to watch and you have a very nice voice! Have a great week my dear friend ? ???

  • Ella Pesonen Art says:

    Yay! Another challenge!! Can't wait to take part in this ?

  • Luna Smith Art says:

    Sounds great, count me in ? Big like ?? Have a lovely Monday ???

  • Pencil Pen and Watercolor with Ryn Shell says:

    Great challenge idea. I just purchased a new silver pen so I will have fun giving in a work out for this challenge.

  • ArtistRebeccaLS ___________________________ says:

    I love you gnome ?

    I’m joining ?

  • Kathryn Whiteford Art says:

    You had me at elf, lol!! ~_^ This sounds like another super fun challenge, Dena!! And I'm definitely joining!! 😀

  • Artes Mil colores Leydi T. M. says:

    Saludos ??‍♀️bonitos trabajos ???

  • Mona Edulesco says:

    Yet another great Challenge, Dena! Love your ideas! And Loooove your Art! I will do my best to take part of this new challenge too, would love to! ❤️

  • imikaZZakimi Art says:

    Hi Dena your artwork really beautiful
    I have subscribed to your channel
    if you have time please come see my channel too

  • Draw with Jonny says:

    Great idea Dena, can't remember if I said congrats on the 2k???

  • Erika Lancaster says:

    Another awesome challenge, Dena! 🙂 I really hope I'm able to participate in this one, as it sounds super fun (all of your challenges are!). Muffin is the cutest! Thank you for all you do to bring the art community together here on YouTube. You're awesome! Have a lovely day, friend.

  • 1MightyR says:

    I like it, the silver beard challenge! You always cone up with the best community collaboration!$??

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