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How to paint like Fabienne Verdier – 7 easy steps to Abstract calligraphy

How to paint like Fabienne Verdier – 7 easy steps to Abstract calligraphy

Do you want to learn how to paint like Fabienne Verdier? I call it abstract calligraphy and if you follow these 7 easy steps you can experience her way of painting too. Just after this. He, Albert here at imperfect paintings where it is all about improving your painting skills by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. If you are new to this channel consider subscribing and hit the bell so you do not miss a single video. This is the paintingless on in 10 seconds. The rest of this video will give you all the details to improve your painting skills. And later on in this video will show what the participants made in my painting course. So stay tuned. Fabienne Verdier is a French contemporary artist who studied Chinese calligraphy years ago and developed her own style. I call it calligraphy based abstract art. This is how she works and especially her tools and epic brushes inspired me to try it myself. I made a 7 easy steps version for my painting course and now you can do it too. A link to the video of these images is in the description below. Fabienne Verdier is known for these kind of paintings. When I look at this I see movement and feel a connection to nature, the ocean, the wind or trees. But with no intend to be disrespectful, my mind wanders of when I look at this and also think about: donuts, old trains, smoked sausages, nuts and bolts or whatever. For me this is the fun of making or looking at abstract art: guessing what you see, or just let your mind wander off. Let us start painting. Step 1, choose two contrasting colors. So a lighter and a darker one. These are some examples of color combinations. Make your choice which color is going to be the background and what color you are going to use for the movement. Step 2, paint a background. I took red and we all worked on a bigger piece of paper this time, it was 100×65 cm. I rub the paint in the paper by twisting and turning my brush in different directions. It creates a more interesting background. All the materials I use are in the description below. To give it fuller color I applied a second layer of paint. Just believe on this, it was not interesting to look at. Step 3, become aware of how you paint. Let me show you. Depending on the joint you use to paint from you have a certain radius. At first I paint, more or less, from my wrist. The second line is from my elbow. This third line is painted from my shoulder. The this last one from my hips. Now you know how to check it from time to time. Step 4, make your own connection and find your personal movement. To me the ocean makes a movement like this, back and forth, back and forth. Move with me and feel it. It is not a static movement, but it is smooth. Trees move like this to me. Just follow the movement and connect with it, so you can feel it. Step 5, think about how to are going to use your brush. You can paint like this, like this or use both ways. It is also important where you start painting. Is this outside the paper or on the paper.
Do you see that it gives a different effect? When you look at these two lines, do they appear to have the same size to you? Let me show you that there are no differences in size, or in length. The explanation is that the top one starts off the paper so your mind makes it longer because it is coming from somewhere. And the second one, the lower one, you can see where it starts and where it ends. Step 6, practice your movement. Take your dry brush and practice the movement on a piece of paper. When you will paint your movement it has to be a smooth movement without hesitation. So make it natural by practicing it a number of times so the movement becomes a memory in your body. This is how the group did it. We were allowed to use the big room with the wooden dancefloor in the community center. Step 7, Is the exiting one. Paint the movement. There are two steps. First you have to prepare your paint for this action. Take a tray and put enough paint in it. Take some diluted acrylic medium gloss and add it to your paint. Take your brush and swirl it through the paint and mix them. Step 7b, the moment of truth: make it one smooth movement. Take a moment to enjoy the result. Are you proud? Just let it dry. But it is also possible that you notice that it looks a bit static. So at this moment you have the option to add some splashes. Please be aware that less is more. It has to look natural or accidental. And as promised earlier here is the artwork made by the participants of my painting course. If you liked this video hit subscribe and click on the bell so you will not miss a single video. Share it with a friend and click or tap the screen to see another one, and until next time, keep painting!

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