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How to Master the Calligraphy Style of Writing : How to Use Calligraphy in Life

How to Master the Calligraphy Style of Writing : How to Use Calligraphy in Life

Joanna Joseph for Expert Village. We’re talking
about calligraphy and I want to show you some of the ways I’ve applied it. On a personal
level I’ve designed personal stationary for people. This is a, this is kind of a gothic
alphabet. This is the italic one. I like to draw, so it’s fun to use a little illustration.
In this one I used the pen, let the pen do its work. This alphabet is an Ungeel, which
is an Irish alphabet and Kathleen was Irish, so it seemed appropriate for her. This is
that Carolingian alphabet, which, even though it’s a, it was designed in the time of Charlemagne
there’s a certain modern flavor that it can take on. So, personal stationary, it’s fun to incorporate;
I flourished my “l” in the word “Pamela” to become part of the horses back. This meant
a lot to people back in the day when people hand wrote letters seems like only yesterday.
Oh, this women Boudicca, has long hair, and so I did that pen exercise I showed you earlier.
I actually used it to depict her hair. I think one of the toughest jobs I ever had was lettering
a bunch of wedding invitation envelopes, and I’m a good speller, just naturally, so I don’t
usually have to think too hard about it, but this was a Japanese wedding, and I had to
look and double check every name to make sure I was getting it spelled right. That was a
tough job. Then I think one of my favorite commissions is being given a piece of literature,
handed a piece of literature, and asked to interpret it calligraphically, and perhaps
to add illustration. So here are some samples of that. And you have to remember that when
this hangs on a wall, people quit reading it after awhile. It’s just an icon on the
wall, so you want to; you want to make the design just pleasing to look at on its own.
This, the layout was determined, this is the handprint poem, and so I made my lettering
go like a little kid might pull his hand through finger paint. These are just photographs of
framed pieces. The matting and framing can add a lot to your work, so it’s good to pay
some attention to that.

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