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How to Make Pretty Labels with a Silhouette Machine

How to Make Pretty Labels with a Silhouette Machine

hey it’s Abby and today I wanted to
answer one of the most common questions that I’ve gotten since we started this
channel and that is how do you make your labels that you have on just about
everything around your house? So the answer is I use the silhouette machine
it’s a cutting machine and adhesive vinyl to make them and I’m going to walk
through the steps today so that you can make them too. Before we get started I
wanted to invite you to follow us over at our new Instagram account @abbyorganizes where we’ll be sharing even more organization inspiration and tips. Here’s everything you’ll need to make
your pretty labels with your silhouette. Your silhouette cutting machine and the
silhouette studio software, adhesive vinyl, transfer tape, a craft cutter
and/or scissors, a measuring tape, a scraper tool and hook tool and some sort
of surface for your label. So if you remember last week in our video we
organized our boys playroom and I created a little craft cart for them so
today I’m going to demonstrate making labels for some of the little containers
that are on their craft cart. So the first thing I always do is measure my
item I grab the bin I use this little soft measuring tape to measure how wide
I want my label to be and also how tall and I make note of that so that when I
go into my Silhouette software I know exactly how big to make my font so now
we are going to go over to the computer to create our labels. I am going to type
out the word that I want and then change it to the font I like a font called
crushed it’s a Google font it’s free I use it for a lot of my labels I just
think it looks really nice and so that is the one that you’ll see on a lot of
my labels around our house and then I’m going to resize it to be the size that I
want based on what I measured for and then an easy way to make a second label
is just to right click and then press duplicate it’ll duplicate that word and
it will already be in the correct font so then I just get my
cursor in there and I write the new word and I have the two labels that I want to
make. Now I do want to make a note about using a cursive font. There’s one extra
step you’ll want to do just to make sure a cursive font flows together nicely so
I’m going to demonstrate. I’ll write the word crayons again and I’ll use a
cursive font I know I like called Carolyna Pro-Black and to make sure that
all of these letters flow into each other and that there aren’t extra cuts
between your letters you’re going to right-click it and then you’re going to
select weld and that just makes sure all the letters flow together after I weld
them I drag my cursor around all of the parts of the word and I right-click
again and I group it and that allows me to move the word around as a unit
and resize it or whatever I need to do from there so we’re not going to use the
cursive font this time I just want to show to demonstrate so I’m going to
delete that and since we have our two labels that we want to cut we can get
ready to send those to the silhouette so I’m going to push the send to silhouette
button and before we actually send it and cut it I’m going to go into adjust
cut settings and just make sure everything is correct in here so under
the material type I wanted to make sure I have vinyl selected and then it will
give us some recommendations for settings to use down here so on my blade
it’s telling me that I should use blade number one so I want to check my blade
and make sure that I’m on number one and that that’s selected and then I also
always just use their recommendations when it comes to speed and thickness so
it’s recommending a speed of five and a thickness of ten and I don’t change that.
So I’m ready to go and we can load our vinyl into the machine now since I’m
working with a fairly large piece of vinyl I am just going to
put it right into the machine so on my machine I’m going to choose the load
media option. If I was working with a smaller piece of vinyl or I just wanted
to use a cutting mat I could do that as well then I would just put my vinyl on
to the cutting mat and instead of choosing load media I would choose load
cutting mat so there are two options for that I think it’s just easier to do it
without the mat so if I have a big enough piece of vinyl I typically choose
the load media and just load my vinyl right into the machine. And now that our
vinyl is loaded we can push send to silhouette and it will cut everything so
once my project is cut I like to use my paper slicer or you could also use
scissors to slice off the part with your words on it don’t cut off a new your
words by accident and then I cut them apart so I have each word individually
and then I weed off any of the vinyl that I don’t want that’s not part of my
label. S o for the big pieces I can just peel that off with my fingers sometimes
oh these ones are pretty big I would probably just use you know my
fingernails to weed out the letters for this one but if you get smaller letters
and you have a trickier spot you can use the hook tool to weed out some of the
pieces that you don’t want in there so that you just have the exact word and
the exact vinyl that you’re going to want to put on your project so once my
label is weeded and looks the way I want it and then I need to get out my
transfer tape and this is going to help me make sure that I am taking the whole
word as a unit and putting it on my project if I try to take each letter
individually it probably wouldn’t line up exactly and look really pretty so
transfer tape helps me transfer the entire word together so I will just see
how big I need to make it and I will cut it to size and then I peel off the
backing and then the transfer tape is sticky so I put it down over top of my
label and if you can line it up with the markings usually they’re marked off by
one inch markings on the transfer tape that will
make it a lot easier when you go to apply it to your bin or whatever you’re
putting your label on so I try to get everything lined up nice and neatly and
put the transfer tape on my label and then I use the scraper tool to kind of
really scrape at it and make sure that the vinyl is going to adhere to the
transfer tape so once I’ve scraped it then I carefully
peel off the backing of my vinyl sometimes if the vinyl wants to pull up
with the backing you kind of have to manipulate it with your fingers a little
bit and hold it in place so that the vinyl stays on the transfer tape and
you’re backing comes off clean and then once I have done that I am ready to
apply it to my little container. N ow at this point you can be as picky about
spacing and getting things straight as you want to be or not so sometimes I’ll
take my measuring tape and I’ll measure and make sure I’m exactly lined up other
times I’ll just try to eyeball it these containers are pretty easy because they
have a little dot right in the middle and then since I lined up my label on
the transfer tape exactly I can just count the inches and find the middle
point of that so I can eyeball it pretty well in this circumstance. In other
circumstances you want to might want to measure even use a little level if you
want to get it exactly centered and look straight so I put down my transfer tape
that has my label on it exactly where I want it and then again I take my
scraper and I scrape over the word because now I want the label the vinyl
to come off of the transfer tape and to stick on to my bin so I scrape at it and
then I very carefully peel off the transfer tape so that the vinyl stays on
my bin and then the transfer tape comes up clean and then my label is on the bin
and it looks beautiful and everybody knows what goes in what bin. When I have acrylic bins I really like to put the label at the bottom because it’s kind of
a nice surprise when you lift the item out and you see this pretty little label
at the bottom of your bin it just gives it that extra little touch and for these
practically speaking when my boys come on you know they’re gonna do this when
they dump out all of their crayons and markers then there’s no question where
everything goes back they can see exactly where they put each of their
items into place. Now you can do way more with the silhouette machine than just
making labels. The possibilities are literally endless I’m not a silhouette
guru but I will link to my friend Melissa from silhouette school she has a
channel where you can learn even more about all things silhouette so I hope it
was helpful to see how I make my favorite types of labels I know not
everybody has a silhouette machine or wants to buy one so I actually have two
other labeling tutorials that I’ll link to in the description about how to make
labels with programs that you already have access to on your computer. If you
want to see even more labeling videos make sure to hit that like button and
let me know in the comments.

21 Replies to “How to Make Pretty Labels with a Silhouette Machine”

  • Jennifer says:

    I've always been curious about how people make these labels – wonderful video – thanks for sharing!

  • Abby Organizes says:

    I should note: My Silhouette Cameo is a few years old, and it is still working really well for me. They do have a new version that has some extra bells and whistles, including wireless capability, which is a nice perk. The Silhouette Portrait is a smaller version of the Cameo and is less expensive; it can cut projects up to 8" wide as opposed to 12" wide with the Cameo. I've linked all 3 in the description if you want to see the different versions.

  • Kate the Great says:

    Thanks for sharing. I'll add you on IG. I'm @kathryn.cat.lady

  • Kendra Olivares says:

    I looooooove your videos!!! they are sooo motivating… please keep doing what you do :))

  • Katherine May says:

    I love labeling!! 🙂

  • Samera A says:

    So beautiful! Love it! ?

  • Katz4me says:

    Now I need a cameo machine!  Thank you for sharing.

  • Amina Fatah says:

    Thank you so much, it is very helpful. Are theses labels washable?

  • Tracy Starling says:

    Wouldn't it be better in most cases to put the label on the outside of the bin so the crayons for instance don't mark up the label. I don't have a silhouette machine, would you have to mirror the image? Is there a reason you don't put it on the outside? Thanks for this informative video!

  • Gail Williams says:

    Thanks Abby – I too have often wondered how those labels were made.  BTW – I loooooove your fingernails – beautiful colour and shape.  Kind regards from Gail in New Zealand.

  • HappilyOrganizedChaos says:

    This is great. I've had my silhouette for a few years now (same as yours) and this tutorial was super helpful. I'll be sure to check you out on instagram ( I'm @happilyorganizedchaos ) Take care, Jen

  • Nicole Burns says:

    This is a great video. I don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut so naturally, I’ve seen your other labeling videos. Can you please do a video on how you print and would use a label you create from one of those other videos?


  • Joyanna Moran says:

    It's just too bad not many of us have the money to spend on one of those. Maybe you could sell the labels on your website

  • Christina Pantaleo says:

    Question: With the vinyl labels, how easily do they come off if you decide to use those acrylic organizers elsewhere and need to re-label? Are they super permanent and/or is there a trick to removing them?

  • Lorri Bowers says:

    Thank you, Abby for doing this video. Very informative. I am loving your channel ?

  • SCB0303 says:

    What type of vinyl do you use and where do you buy it? I have had a silhouette machine for a few years not but haven’t used it. Your tutorial was very helpful!

  • Sherry Bora says:

    Thanks heaps for such an informative video!!!

  • Blue Wren says:

    Looks pretty, but I'm more of a duct tape and permanent marker girl!

  • Millette Regacho says:

    Its pretty but too time consuming
    I’ll stick to my trustee old label maker

  • K Cochran says:

    THANK you for showing exactly how to do it and what equipment to use — I've been going mad trying to find someone who isn't just using their silhouette to bait-and-switch sell another label maker they don't even use.

  • Yens P says:

    Thank You so much for sharing this ?❤️????You are very kind person with amazing talents love love love ???????

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