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How to Make Japanese Calligraphy Art

How to Make Japanese Calligraphy Art

How to Make Japanese Calligraphy Art. If your walls are begging for an Asian touch,
this guide will help you decorate like the Far East on a shoestring budget. You will need Japanese character Workspace
Smock Suzuri ink stone Sumi ink Rice paper Heavy stone or paper weight Medium-sized calligraphy
brush Scrap paper Patience Frame Pottery (optional) and garden stones (optional). Step 1. Choose an easy Japanese character, like the
character for an emotion or an adjective that contains between three to six lines or strokes. Avoid complex sentences or passages from poetry
or music — often the translation isn’t exact and can make for an awkward meaning. Step 2. Find an open work area free of any obstructions
and don your smock in case you spill ink. Step 3. Fill the suzuri with ink and then lay out
a fresh sheet of rice paper using the weight to hold it in place as you work. Use a different medium, such as pottery, garden
stones, or different colored inks. Step 4. Practice writing the character several times
on scrap paper, especially if you’re trying it for the first time on pottery or a personal
item. Step 5. Recreate the character by studying the strokes
or lines it took to make it, and then repeat. Be careful and be patient. Step 6. Frame your masterpiece and hang it anywhere. You may also group several characters together
on one page to create variety and interest. Did you know Japan has one of the highest
literacy rates in the world at 99 percent for all residents over the age of 15.

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