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How to Make Halloween Tombstones

How to Make Halloween Tombstones

How to Make Halloween TombsTones. At a loss for exciting new Halloween decorations? Attract all the ghosts and goblins in your
neighborhood to your yard with these spooky tombstones. You will need Black marker 20 in. x 40 in. Styrofoam sheet Woodburning tool or knife
Gray craft spray paint Sea sponge White and black acrylic paint Paper towel Paintbrush
and 24 in. dowel. Step 1. Draw an outline of your tombstone with a black
marker onto a Styrofoam sheet. Cut out your tombstone. Step 2. Draw your letters and desired design onto
the face of the tombstone. Create your own designs or research historical
tombstones for ideas. Step 3. Carve out your design with a knife or wood-burning
tool. Step 4. Spray your tombstone with gray paint. Let it dry. Step 5. Dip a sea sponge first into the white paint,
then the black paint, and then dab the sponge onto a piece of paper towel. Blot the tombstone with the sea sponge. Repeat until the entire tombstone has been
blotted. Allow to dry. Step 6. Paint the carved areas with black paint and
let dry. Step 7. Push half of the dowel into the bottom and
center of the tombstone. Push the other half of the dowel into the
ground to secure the tombstone. Add some spooky lighting, props like a monster
glove coming out of the ground, and other details to give your visitors a creepy and
memorable Halloween. Did you know Halloween originated from the
Celtic holiday honoring the dead and was commonly referred to as All Hallows Eve.

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