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How To Make BFDI Tiny Loser Chamber (TLC)

How To Make BFDI Tiny Loser Chamber (TLC)

Woody is elimated at 9 votes Sorry Woody Let’s fling him to the TLC Make Tiny Loser Chamber Draw this dimension onto a grey hard paper This is the drawn paper Cut out the outline Cut out the slot Indent all the folding lines For easy folding later Make a hole Then another one Apply glue Press well Apply glue to secure the box Do the same for the other side Use a chopstick Mark and cut the chopstick same width as box Prepare a hard paper 10cm x 11cm for the cover Prepare this paper to hold the chopstick Fold into this shape Apply glue onto it Glue another rectangle paper onto the cover Mark and cut the two end of cover So the cover could open and close when mounted Glue another small paper onto the black paper This is for the handle to open and close the cover Insert the chopstick into the two holes. Pull out the handle from the slot Make another small rectangle Glue it onto the handle This will be the press button to open and close the cover Print out the TLC label on a grey paper Glue it onto the front side of box Done ! You could open and close the cover using the button. Click Sunny Kidz icon to subscribe.

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