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How to make beautiful Gothic Calligraphy? (part 1)

How to make beautiful Gothic Calligraphy? (part 1)

when we creating a sketch, we must vary our approach depending on the end media where it’s gonna be used if it’s a logo
and minimalistic stuff vector graphic would be – preferable. Graphic that builded
upon coordinates so it can be scaled wherever you like. If it’s a big tshirt
print: the clarity of edges and benefits of vector can be replaced with much
easier and faster way to make using raster graphic which basically like a photo –
consists of small dots or pixels but they can become blurred when you
resize them. We start making the sketch from the end goal. I need the
black-and-white sketch to put on site and YouTube cover the image should be big.
I’m not attached readability and clarity of lines. It should looks cool and
not be boring plain Text. The composition should be wide and horizontal. Im gonna
start from a small training just writing couple of strokes to feel the paper and
a pen Gonna start writing first letters of the word
“learn”. Im searching for a combination of different styles of letters that works
better than adding a little bit of dynamic to
the letters so they’re gonna look more interesting i’m searching for the same
flow in the structure of the letter adding elements to make it work and look
more sophisticated Searching for the better “L” and searching for how letter “e” can be
inserted in the letter L We can analyse the whole phrase and look for
similar letters and possible ligatures: Letters – that you can join together We gonna exaggerate the tales of letters to male composition
more dynamic. With that in mind we gonna create a less compressed composition. notice that letters a,r and n in the word learn, have same upper and lower elements we need to make them variable so they doesn’t look boring and plain because its gonna drag a lot of attention to it its ok to make mistakes and not perfect lines. We gonna sketch letters and search for the form by using Pilot as a kind of pencil. Notice that there are a lot of elements on top of the letters that are similar to. We need to create some elemets of letters in the same way so they would create logic
in whole composition. In that composition we create the bottom spikes of the
letter L and C. Bottom elements are again to straight so we need to alter them a bit. So here it is we have our composition ready. it’s not great and
I have a lot of mistakes, but we gonna fix them later on.

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  • sitkatr says:

    какую бумагу/чернила используешь? под углом очень сложно воспринимать написание тех или иных букв…

  • Crow says:

    Awesome tutorial man, and gothic + Stoner/Stoner doom works so well 👌

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