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How to make alphabet bracelet- DIY personal bracelet with your name

How to make alphabet bracelet- DIY personal bracelet with your name

Today, we will make a simple alphabet bracelet. Like this one. It is is easy to make and we will do it now. Ok ! Here are the materials that we are going to use. Here are the tools and materials that we will use. I will just use flat or chain pliers and round nose pliers. That’s all for the tools. And for the actual bracelet Here is the jewelry wire that I already cut off. Then the alphabet beads Glass pearl beads Chain extenders. These are small jump rings. These are small jump rings. Head pins for jewelries. And jewelry clasp Let’s start making our alphabet bracelet. Let’s go ahead and start . We will begin with this jewelry wire Normally, we need to close the end of the wire. I’m using round nose pliers. You have to bend the end of the jewelry wire. then crimp the wire like this one. by using your tool. Just keep crimping it until it is compress and has form already. Make sure that it is securely closed. There is instance, the beads might detach if it is loosely closed the wire. Just continue crimping the wire Then, I usually use flat pliers to flatten the wire We will start inserting glass beads into the jewelry wire. Whatever names you have; it is good to arrange it already In this case, the name is Sonya I will insert letter S now as you can see Then another bead. It is just repeat process until we complete the name. Then next letter. Next Letter is in between beads. I think it is better to alternate the beads than straight alphabet beads. However, you do the way you like. As for me, I prefer this way. Another bead. Oopss… It’s late that’s why I feel hungry. Then another bead, just repeat process. Next, another letter. Finally, the last bead. as we completed the name already. Here it is. This is her name. Is it right? Or it is reverse? As long that you can see it. I can just turn. That’s it. The wire is long. Before we will cut it, make sure to bend securely the wire so it won’t be lacking or loose. We just bend and tighten it with the round nose pliers. We just bend it to tighten the beads. I didn’t take the wire cutter my jewelry wire cutter because this flat ….. ( coughing) flat fliers have the wire cutter feature in this area. So I also use this to cut wires. I rarely use the wire cutter. It is cut now. I just don’t know if other flat pliers have a cutter because this one has a cutter. It is cut already. Now, we will crimp it again just like on the other end. I will check first if it is enough or I need to cut a bit more. Cut it just like we did on the other one. Still look long I’ll cut more Again, we crimp the wire using the nose pliers. Make sure it is securely closed. Or else the beads might jump off. I think that it is closed now. I will compress it more to form like a jump ring. These are the only tools I often use. These two tools. It seem not close yet. Here it is. The extenders that included in our materials will be attached to both ends of the wire. Actually, before I closed the end of the wire, we should attach the extenders first so we can save some jump rings. Now I have to open it again and will attach the extender. Oops… Sometimes, we will encounter flaws and we can’t avoid it. However, it is just easy to fix. Afterwards, we close it again since I forgot trying to save some jump rings. But if you prefer to use extra jump ring, do as you wish. As for me in order to save some jump ring, I can use the jewelry wire itself to attach it. Now, we will do the same the other side. One of the extender is short, the other one is long. I will attach the short one in the clasp. There is also cut extenders already. If you wish to buy the cut one. I have a metered chain. So I just cut it. I also have cut extenders. The only thing about cut extenders is that they have the same length size. With by meter, you can cut any desired length size that you like to cut. Here it is, Now, we will attach the clasp (as shown) in the extender. with the open jump ring. Open it and insert to the short extender Take the clasp and insert into the jump ring. Look Close the jump ring. Make sure it is well closed. You see it well closed I didn’t have hard time doing it. Take a look. The other one. Where will we use the head pin? This is head pin. The other one is eye pin where the end is like an eye. This one is head pin. I will use it as a charm on the other end. This small glass bead that I use will be inserted like this. This is long. But before cutting as I mentioned, it need to bend the head pin first to secure it. Cut it to see how much since it is long. Cut it a bit. See. As I’m saying, I’m saving some jump ring again. I’m using the head pin itself to attach in the extender. Crimp the head pin with the nose pliers. You will frequently use this tool in many uses of your jewelry making. I will let it open a bit On the other end, insert the crimp pin in to the extender. and close it. Like this. and flattened it well since it closed already. I realized that I only used one jump ring because I kept saving using some of it. But, you can use jump rings both ends as you wish. This is just me wanting to save some. See, it is done now. They can wear and adjust the bracelet according to their wrist size. It is bracelet already. Actually, I have done a lot already. They are different names. They are many, different names. I just want to show you how to make in a simple way. If you question, ask or leave a comment. Also, click the subscribe button so on the next time you can see instructions on our next jewelry making or any of my arts and creations that I’m doing. Some are not just tutorials but other things too. Thank you for watching. Until the next time we see. I will include all the materials and tools in the description box. Thank you again. Until then.

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