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How to make a social business in Russia. Galileo Impact Stories #37

How to make a social business in Russia. Galileo Impact Stories #37

Hi, friends. This is a very special release of Galileo Impact Stories from Russian city Yoshkar-Ola. Welcome! Last week, I’ve spent three days in Yoshkar-Ola, a city in Russia, teaching social entrepreneurs. There were various projects from different industries at different stage of development. And I would like to tell you about one of the most remarkable social venture, from my point of view. This is private children’s developing center «Detskya parkovka» (Children’s parking) organized by Ekaterina Syshikova. The topic of pre-school education is one of the most popular among social entrepreneurs in Russia. There are thousands of kid’s centers of different kind which offer mental arithmetic, drawing, chess, singing, robotics, sports, and even calligraphy education. The Specialty of “Detskya parkovka” is in its inclusive teaching method. Out of 12 kids, they have about 3 with special needs. In 2016 and 2017 the center was recognized as the best social project in the field of additional education for children in the Republic of Mordovia. I’ve made a small interview with Ekaterina in Russian language, so please turn on English subtitles in order to hear her story. She is a bright person with a unique experience of starting a social business in Russia. Enjoy watching. Katya, please, tell us about how you came to the social entrepreneurship. How did you start? From the very beginning, I didn’t think about any kind of entrepreneurship As it said, you have to start to do anything with your goals and motivation. I’ve just had a very strong, wild motivation to decide my problem. And later it became my business. My child was seriously ill with oncology. And when he started recovering he was four years old. And I’ve compared him with my elder daughter and saw a difference. At three years she visited a lot of kid’s centers and my son at four years didn’t go anywhere. Because of illness, my son had consequences that did not take him to municipal kindergarten. So I’ve started to learn about private commercial kindergartens. Different kid’s centers, developing kindergartens, and many others. and we were refused everywhere… they were afraid to take us… and that’s how I’ve got my motivation I thought that I wasn’t alone with my problem. That a lot of parents face the same situation. There are kids with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and many other diseases and special needs. And I thought, that if we don’t have such special center in the city, so I have to decide this problem. My active experience helped me. I was a member of the Public Chamber in my region. And then everything joined together. My problem and my organizational abilities joined that I have to do it. Very quickly. The idea came to me on 15 July. On 23 of July, I’ve made official registration as an entrepreneur. Came to the Ministry and found out everything about all government support measures. And on 31 of July, after one week from registration, I won my first grant. It was a grant 300 0000 rubles from the regional Ministry of Labour. I started with this money. At that time I didn’t have my own money to start a business. My relatives and friends also support me, we worked together. Already at the beginning of September we had a grandiose opening of a children ‘s center. More than 300 people came to the opening ceremony and we started our work with more than 140 clients. We moved four times if I’m not mistaken. There were a lot of difficulties. Every summer we had problems with rent. Landlords didn’t want to concede They didn’t ‘t give us installments or any other options Two years ago I had a crisis. I thought I was closing. I remember I was crying in my bed… this is the end! and my friends they came to me, calmed down. They told me Katya – this is you. Your center Detskya parkovka – it is you. Don’t give up. Tell us about your services. How many children go to your center? And what do they do there? At different times of the year differently but usually we have about 150-200 kids in one week or is more true subscriptions. It means one kid can use several subscriptions. Child can go to early development school And on a recommendation to visit a doctor logoped. So he has individual classes with a doctor. We have a system of several blocks. For example, educational block, entertainment block, sport block and so on. As I’ve already mentioned in order to take kids with special needs for free We need to cover as many directions as possible to pay off In the educational block, we include the school of early development with a special program for each age. It includes mental arithmetics, fast reading, course of development of intelligence, calligraphy and so on. Many directions necessary for the development of the child We have our own author ‘s methods and use other methods. Send our teachers to learn from others. We have artistic gymnastics for children There is a direction in which parents are engaged together with children There are programs where babies who are one or two years engaged together with mothers Such classes are conducted by a psychologist who is working with both mother and child We help not only children but also parents, they get emotional recharging They communicate with the same parents who want to improve their children ‘s lives Helping their children as they can In the end, we have a well-charged mother and baby. Please tell us how children with special needs communicate with each other? And especially interesting how parents of different children communicate, with and without special needs. How is the relationship established in your center? Were there conflicts? How did you decide it? Yes, we had conflicts. Now we installed in our center… We have a large own place with a very preferential mortgage And we installed video cameras in these rooms Not only for security purposes but also to deal with different conflict situations Most often we have children who can better understand each other than adult parents We had such situations when different parents told that we don ‘t want to deal with those sick kids. There were different rough phrases. It was very unpleasant. And children they certainly look at their parents It saddens me that we have such adult and rude people who do not respond adequately. Although in this situation maybe anyone. We accept prosperous families who have had some kind of trouble with a kid We had such a case, a girl visited us more precisely she could not go We have mats laid everywhere in our center so that children can crawl This girl couldn ‘t walk, only crawled. Of course, doctors were working a lot with her in medical care that she got up on her legs And during her treatment, she visited our center and when she started walking, our kids thought it was their achievement That they managed to help this girl get on her feet They thought it was their big achievement It cannot be said that this is a social non-profit project. And I can ‘t say it’s a business either. This is real social entrepreneurship. I make my own money. Although it ‘s not some big money. The same money can be earned by an employee, finish work at five in the evening and don’t think about anything But I like doing it. I like to develop my center. It ‘s really part of me. My project. The name of the center was given to me by my friend. This center is an important part of me. I believe that social entrepreneurship should receive state support. But as for our center We strive to overcome our financial difficulties on our own What you wish or advise those people who want to open its own private children’s center. Where to start? What recommendations would you give? I always divide entrepreneurs into two groups. The first. Entrepreneurs who are ready to do any business if it makes a profit. Sell socks. Sell furniture. No matter. Any idea. There are entrepreneurs who will be engaged only in the favorite business and make money on it. and this is social entrepreneurship. I will advise contacting professionals Unequivocally collect the opinions of several people, friends, relatives In social entrepreneurship is very important support of close people, family, who give you strength do your favorite thing and earn income Wonderfull. Thank you. Thank you. Well, I hope you enjoyed this interview and now have a better understanding of how Russian social entrepreneurs start and make their business All links of this center are provided under this video. Leave your comments. Thanks’ for watching. Bye, have a nice day!

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