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How to make a font. Drawing Your Letters in Adobe Illustrator (Part 1)

How to make a font. Drawing Your Letters in Adobe Illustrator (Part 1)

hi in this tutorial I’ll be showing you
how to make a font in Illustrator with font self which can also be imported
into font lab to begin with I’ve already designed my lowercase letters now I’ll
be starting with my uppercase ones I want to set a guideline so using ctrl R
to bring up the rulers I’ll drag a guide line down to my base
before starting I also made sure snap to grid was on as was my grid I’ll also set up my grid to 100 pixels
with intervals at every turn you I’m going to start with my a for this
I’m using my pen tool with a stroke size of 20 points after drawing my first half
I can edit this lamb by selecting the two points then pressing o and holding down old
while left clicking I can reflect my shape vertically you to make the unstraight I then go to
object expand and then I draw my rectangle over my ends I then use the Pathfinder
my shapes and then subtract the box from it
I can then hide my guides to check out my shades I decided I wasn’t happy with my a so I
started again if you want to watch the rest of my
process and how the other letters were made you can watch on the speed has been
sped up by four so you’ll need to slow down the video if you want to watch it
in real time you can do this in YouTube by going to settings playback speed and
setting it to nought point to five if on the other hand you want to skip ahead
you can go to ten minutes 17 seconds once you’ve completed your alphabet
you’ll need to expand it I usually make a copy then selecting all go to edit object
expand and use the Pathfinder tool to unite once all your letters are expanded
and grouped select a to Z as well as the guideline and drag your letters into
font self you

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