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How to install new fonts in PowerPoint

How to install new fonts in PowerPoint

In this tutorial I’ll show you, how to add
additional fonts to PowerPoint. In order to add a new font, go to any website
that offers fonts for download, for example, Google Fonts or any other. So, go to one of these resources and choose
the font you like and download it. I want to upload this font. And this one, too. Here are the fonts I have selected. I’ll download them. And I’ll open the zip folder and then – the
True Type Font file. Sometimes it’s called TTF or OTF file. And I Install it. I’ll quickly repeat the process also with
the other font. Now I am able to use it in all programmes
that I have on my computer as well as in PowerPoint. Let’s find these new fonts in PowerPoint! And here they are. In case you don’t see your installed font,
close PowerPoint, open it again and find your new font. Give me thumbs up if this was helpful and
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