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How to Increase Font Size on Windows 8.1

How to Increase Font Size on Windows 8.1

If you think that text size on your desktop screen is too small, you can increase it by follow this guide. For example, this is the default text size on 24″ LCD monitor with display resolution 1920×1080. I think the text is too small because I sit far away from the screen more than usual. To increase text size, open Display Properties by right-click on the desktop screen. And select ‘Screen resolution’. Next, click on ‘Make text and other items larger or smaller’. Check the option ‘Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays’. Now you can choose the text size that you want. Default option is ‘Smaller – 100 percent’. I choose ‘Larger – 150 percent’ which will increase text size on the desktop 50% larger from the default. Then, click ‘Apply’. It will ask to sign out to apply changes. Click ‘Sign out now’ to continue. After you sign-in, you see that text and icon sizes on the desktop screen are larger which allow me to read and work easier. In some case, you may not want to change size of everything on the desktop, but only some specific item. You can achieve it by open Display Properties again. And what you can changes are at the bottom of this page. As you can see when you click
on the drop-down box, you can change text size of Title bars, Menus, Message boxes,
Palette titles, Icons, and Tooltips. Let me show example by change Title bars size to 16. You don’t need to sign out if you change only specific items. You see that only the text size of title is changed. OK. That’s it for this video. I hope it be useful to you.
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