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How To Increase Font Size On iPhone

How To Increase Font Size On iPhone

Hi guys, David and David here from payetteforward.com
and upphone.com, and in this video, we’re going to show you how to increase the font
size on your iPhone. Now, even though this setting is in Accessibility,
which is generally geared toward people who might have visual disabilities, increasing
the font size is a good idea for anybody. So younger people; older people alike. Let’s show them how to do it. Great. So we’re going to open the Settings app. We’re going to scroll down to General, tap
General, tap Accessibility, and here you will see larger text. Tap right on that. So you can just slide this nice little slider
and as you can see, my font size is getting bigger. Progressively bigger. You could also make it smaller. I mean, I don’t really recommend that it’s
kind of hard to read. I have seen that before but I don’t do that. And you know, if you ever want to reset, just
go right back to the one in the middle. That’s the standard font size. So that’s how you do it in the Accessibility
Settings. You can make it bigger though. Let’s show them how. Larger Accessibility sizes. I but that if you need to you can really bump
up the font size on your iPhone and want the one thing we’ve noticed is that people say,
“Oh, iPhones aren’t great for seniors, because — right — the text is too small.” Well, just show them this feature. Yeah, there’s all these companies that are
trying to sell flip phones to seniors, and they say, “The can’t see anything anymore.” But I’m telling you: This is bigger text than
you’re going to get on any flip phone with a 2 inch screen. Right. So I’m just going to turn larger Accessibility
sizes off just for the sake of this video because it’s kind of hard for me to read them
and set it back to normal. One more thing I want to show you real quick
in Accessibility Settings, if we tap back to Accessibility, is you can make the text
bold by turning on this switch. I’m not going to do it in this video because
it restarts your iPhone when you turn on Bold text, but it makes all the text bold it makes
it makes the text folder. So if you can if you’ve got friends that have
iPhones and you’re like, “Why is all the text really bold on their iPhone”? That’s how they did it one more trick. We want to show you in terms of increasing
the font size in your iPhone. Let’s go back to General and let’s go back
to Settings. You can add the text size slider to Control
Center on your iPhone into the Settings app. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go
back to Settings main menu, and I’m going to tap Control Center. And I’m going to tap customize controls and
look for text size, tap that green little plus button. There it is. Now if I open Control Center by swiping down
from the upper right-hand corner of the screen of my iPhone X or XS or XR or XS Max. On iPhone 8 and earlier, swipe up from the
bottom of the screen. See those two little “A”s? That is how you increase the font size. So if we tap on that, we can bump things up
and it’s a little bit bigger. As we said before the larger Accessibility
Settings can make it even larger than this but this is a pretty large font size. Yeah, most people. Yeah for most people this is going to be big
enough. And if it gets too big, it actually becomes
more difficult to use your iPhone. Sure. That’s going to work for pretty much everybody,
and I didn’t know how to do that, so thanks for teaching me something! Well, there you go. Yeah. There’s a new tip. It’s pretty cool, now that the iOS Control
Center is now customizable. You can add a whole bunch of stuff to it — a
lot of cool stuff. Yeah. So that is how you increase the text size,
the font size on your iPhone. Thank you guys for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed. Leave us a comment down below. Let us know, do you like bumping up the font
size in your iPhone? Or do you like making it smaller? This is also really funny trick you can play
on your friends. You know, you get into a fight, you bump up
the font size on their iPhone and make it too big, or you can make it too small. And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
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