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How to improve your handwriting easily!

How to improve your handwriting easily!

hi everyone I receive quite a few messages asking me to show how I do my handwriting so neat and also how I have gotten better so I’m going to show you all the tips and things that I did to actually like my handwriting tip number one is deciding what kind of pen suits you better and which one you prefer and you feel like makes your handwriting to look the best so there’s really thin ones thick ones you can write in pencil or mechanical pencil so that helps you identify what you feel most comfortable with personally I feel like gel pens work for me the best because the ink kind of flies through the page and doesn’t bleed through like maybe other ink markers or pens would [Music] next if they can define what you feel is wrong with your handwriting and I use this calligraphy paper to get used to the proportion of the lower cases and upper cases as you can see the one on top is like really trying to keep the proportions well the one on the bottom has the e somewhat slanted and fours are going up so they’re not really straight with this paper you can also see if you like having the G or the F on top or on the bottom another tip to practice how you move your hand is taking the same courier for paper and just doing kind of like the basics like you’re in kindergarten the circle so it’d be um else and that way you can realize that your hand movement is smooth [Music] so now that we’ve seen the basic shapes of our handwriting and how tall or short they’re going to be you can use squares paper to see if you like help separate the letters are from each other I’m trying out different shapes for the J like the loop or the line on top different types of these T’s and you want to do that with all the letters that you feel you don’t really like or that you can improve and just play around with them I want to show you guys that my handwriting doesn’t always look that good of course it really depends if you’re doing it slowly for example here I’m normally and then little faster and faster and then the fastest I can so sometimes when my teacher is talking something really fast my notes are not going to look that good so now I’m just writing a random word I differencing making to my mind was lithography and you can choose if you want your handwriting to be cursive or print [Music] I feel like the the way that you position your fingers while holding the pen really does matter check other sources of inspiration for handwriting’s like phones or any notes that you see and see why you like those or what’s special about them so you can compare it to yours and hopefully find a limit into what you like and what is also practical so as you can see before I had a little bit more sloppy handwriting with the letters sometimes crooked I’ve gotten better with time and with practice and now this light look like thank you guys so much for watching it don’t forget to like this video if you did so I know that it helped you and subscribe if you want to see more of my videos in my channel and stay tuned bye [Music]

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