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How to improve || your || cursive || Handwriting || in hindi || Part 2

How to improve || your || cursive || Handwriting || in hindi || Part 2

hey friends in the last video you saw the difference between my old & new handwriting if anyone of you hasn`t watched tha tvideo yet then please do watch and now we will see how you can learn this handwriting the most important factor to improve your handwriting is your PEN if you use a gelpen or ballpen then it won’t give you that much good results. so for that you’ve gotta use a Fountain pen now lets see how the capital letters are written these are the capital letters, now we will see small letters until now we saw how we can write the letters finally we will see how these are used in sentences so friends see you in next video with a new handwriting and a new font and if you don`t want to miss any of my videos then please subscribe this channel and click on the bell which is shown on the home page of this channel so that you can get a notification whenever i upload a new video to this channel so for now hit the like button if you liked the video tell us which font do you like the most subscribe this channel and share this video with your friends and family thank you… subtitles created by suraj k….

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