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How to Identify Fonts with CorelDRAW

How to Identify Fonts with CorelDRAW

Welcome to this short tutorial on font identification within CorelDRAW X7. With literally thousands of fonts available, it can be difficult to identify a font that was used in a previous piece of work. In CorelDRAW we’ve made it very easy. From the text menu go down to What the Font and this is going to give me a cursor that will allow me to capture a portion of this bitmap image. Select the area that you want to identify and simply click in the center. This will now launch a browser window that will take you to myfonts.com, where you identify the characters. We can see here that it’s recognized what they actually are so simply click on Continue. And that’s all there is to it. You can scroll through and look at the different fonts it has presented. You can see there are some pretty good matches with Serpentine d bold italic. Thanks for watching and I hope this has been helpful.

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