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How to Handlettering – for beginners

How to Handlettering –  for beginners

Hey everyone, welcome to my new Video Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 I hope this Video helps you! Pens Touch Brushpen TomBow Calligraphy Pen TomBow Water Based Brush Pen Paper features: smooth not to thin not to shinny book Frau Hölle – Brushpen practice book I really don’t used the book, because I get it like 2 years after I start with Handlettering but I definitely find it useful, if you start new with lettering it will be your best friend! practice: to learn how to control the pen we have to make thin and thick lines at first before we start with lettering Than we have to get it more curvy like hand lettering normally is. example : a Now I’m gonna show you how I write the whole alphabet with lettering Handlettering is in my opinion so personal. It never looks the same. It’s up to you how you do it. Just have fun! thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe! Let me know what kind of Videos I should do next

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