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how to hack ftp server using metasploit(Arabic with English subtitles)

how to hack ftp server using metasploit(Arabic with English subtitles)

hello friends and welcome back after we seen how to scan metasploitable in this lecture ,i will hack ftp server i will show you the best tools to do it let’s open a new page then open a new terminal and run msfconsole this is called metasploit ,you can find a graphical interface but i will use the text one let’s go back to find information’s,the version is the most important one you can use google to find more info run search followed by the version name to find a script i will use exploit number 4 this service is affected by backdoor that allow us to connect remotely and execute commands run use followed by the script name to use it to see all needed options run show options command now you need to set the victim host ip,this is the same ip used to scan metasploitable.. run set followed by the ip then verify it by running the show options also you can go back to scan result to view the port number now run the exploit command to hack it this lecture will help you to understand metasploit options… as you see a session has been opened run pwd and id to view your privilege also you can view all matasploitable file by running ls you can go to root folder and ls to view the same content you can create a file using echo from kali,and you can find it in metasploitable server you can run help command to view all available commands please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe thanks you and see you in the video

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