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How to Graffiti TAGS and Basics

hello guys my name is doke and I’m a graffiti writer since 2007 this video is the beginning of a new series on this channel of short graffiti tutorials it might be an interesting question what do I know about graffiti and the answer might be surprising basically I don’t know anything all my life all these 11 years in graffiti I haven’t read a single sentence about how to make graffiti absolutely no theory but a recent month I got this book that is full graffiti tear that book finally gave me some education about graffiti and in these tutorials I would love to share the best banks from this book with you and I would like to make it short so let’s stop we’re gonna start straight from the beginning with a few historical facts about graffiti and guys if we’re gonna like this project please express it with a little time but it will be a great motivation to record more of these if we want to look about graffiti and society most of the time graffiti is known as an art or one the lism did you know that the word graffiti is derived from the original Italian word Graff er Gaddafi ra graffia the original meaning of this word is scratch or car if we want to talk about graffiti as we know it these days it came to live in New York for most of the people in the world the father of graffiti is Stuckey 183 taki was a pizza delivery guy with Greek roots and the 183 DES number of the street where he lived he started to write his name all around him in the streets and boom rafidhi exists most of the people seeing graffiti as a legal activity but it has both sides legal and illegal illegal side of graffiti is mainly about putting your name into the streets or trains or subways wherever you want the goal is to hit as many spots as you can and to be known if you want to talk about the legal side it’s mainly about calm painting it’s not about the number of spots is not about the level of danger of each spot it’s mainly about the quality of graffiti so these were some of the basic information about the graffiti culture I think it is important to know these things but on the other hand everybody has his own definition of graffiti as we know the background behind the graffiti we can get to an actual tutorial there are multiple forms of graffiti in these tutorials we were gonna go through all of them but today we’re gonna start with the most simple one the most basic form of graffiti are tags for example this this is a tag ugly one but it’s attack it all started with tags and right now I will try to show you the way how to how to have a good tag the reason why I don’t look so happy is that my my text in my opinion the most important thing then you need to then you need to get that you need to understand is the style the style is important in every single form of graffiti and there is such a great example over here in the booth this is a great example we got six different styles of the letters they used these exact letters because they have these similar shapes like this part of the B is also on the D and also partly on the G and s and C and that’s the style with all these parts in different letters try to look the same try to look try to have the same wipe the same shape another great example is this alphabet this style is based on horizontal lines and curves can you see that these elements are almost in the every single letter right now I will try to show you how we build tags the whole principle of graffiti is changing of traditional normal fonts into graffiti fonts for example over here we got super simple word tags and right now we will try to build some tags so first of all we will try to make T and as bigger and boom we got our first stack right now we can try to change the proportion of the letters make them a little bit higher and boom we got an ad attack and right now we can try to put other elements over there like we’re gonna change this shape into something like this right now I try to use some other elements but also I try to keep the letters in the same style and again each of these tags has a different style you can try to use this edgy style or you can try to make it smooth as butter most of the people start with copying maybe it sounds not okay but for the beginners is totally fine please just don’t copy every single element of the somebody’s else piece try to just get an idea and right now I will try to show you what happens when we put different styles together so this is attack where I used each letter from a different style and it looks now get first one powerful way how you can make your tags look better for example I’m gonna start with a little easy back and right now I want to put that as over there but this is the thing you need to make it like nice solid ending see three simple letters and powerful s it’s all about practice you need to try new possibilities and another powerful way how to make your tags to look better are some extra elements in empty places for example I’m gonna put little line over here or little questioner over here underline this maybe like this these elements will make your tags look more powerful when you already got your graffiti name and you want to develop your first stack it’s all about the practice repeat again and again and again it’s totally fine if some of your tags looks shitty practice is all about failing and improving your tag can be high or maybe wide simple or maybe crazy it’s all about personal taste if you want to understand what’s going on over here a little bit better if you want to understand the style try something like the same elements in the letters try to use try to make your own alphabet by the same letter multiple times that’s the drill for example I I never knew anything about any of these things and I never really practiced that I highly suggest to train on a paper with any any kind of markers or panel pencil whatever you want and then when you get better you can buy a graffiti marker try it in a bigger scale [Music] guys this is the beginning of a new project I wanted to keep it shorter but this first part this first tutorial do more information please let me know your suggestions in the comments below you can also write their what do you want to see in these tutorials hopefully the next one will be better because my tags guys thanks for watching and see you next time

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