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How To Find And Download Fonts For Windows FREE | Gimp Tutorial 2018

I’m gonna show you how to find and
download cool fonts for GIMP okay so I’m gonna go through and show you how to
find some cool fonts and download them onto your computer so they come up in
GIMP if you’re making any kind of thumbnail art maybe channel are things
like that and remember guys what we want to do is we want to make sure that the
fonts kind of resemble what it is that you’re doing so this is gonna be a real
quick simple process for us to do so let’s get
started first we’re gonna go ahead let’s open up our browsers and I’m already
there so I go over all I do is google it and I’m gonna drop the links in here for
you to take a look at but guys just google it right cool fonts gaming fonts
makeup fonts things like that so it’s things that people want to see and have
it relate to your video I don’t want to put some kind of you know this Telegraph
Eco onto like a gaming thumbnail so let’s kind of go through and the nice
thing is you can see it and remember we want these fonts to pop a little bit you
know for the thumbnails it’s a big thing thumbnails are a big thing on YouTube if
you are doing any kind of YouTube thumbnail work or art so let’s go ahead
let’s take a look here and I already went ahead and did X scale let’s say
we’re doing a gaming video I did X scale all I do let’s go over here all I do is
copy it obviously copy it but we go over to da font and I’ll be putting this
inside of the description here so just check the description below to get the
links and just head on over and you can go ahead but I already went ahead and
did this I searched it X scale comes up perfect so what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead
and download it I just click download and ultimately let’s go ahead here let’s
do this again because I did it once already
let’s go ahead what I like to do then I’d like to right-click it so I can show
it in the folder I’d like to be able to find it
see it and then what I’ll do is for anything I just throw it onto my desktop
for the time being and let’s go ahead and let’s move forward from there so
here X scale is on my desktop I go ahead I open it let’s go ahead and open it
there I just go ahead and I install it now mind you this is on Windows 7 this
is if for some people this may be outdated but at the end of the day this
is a Windows computer I just went ahead I installed it with regards to that
let’s go ahead let’s kind of move forward there and let’s go ahead and
open up GIMP and we’re gonna find X scale and GIMP now X scale isn’t one of
the common things that you’re going to find but again it’s just something quick
is simple for you to do so let’s do this let’s go new let’s not do a transparency
let’s go ahead and do a foreground color which is gonna be green let’s bucket
fill this to pink here or let’s go to white perfect and we’ll bucket fill that
boom there we are white and let’s go ahead and all I’m gonna do is type in
right here X scale X there we go X scale bold I’ll hit that and let’s go ahead
and black and skill Bowl there you go ladies and
gentlemen real quick real easy adding fonts to GIMP guys arm
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