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How To Find And Change Fonts Easily In Gimp | Gimp Tutorial 2018

How To Find And Change Fonts Easily In Gimp | Gimp Tutorial 2018

I’m gonna show you how to find fonts
super-easy and GIMP okay so what I’m gonna go over in this tutorial is how to
take a look at fonts quickly and easily inside a gimp I want everybody to pay
super close attention this is gonna be a very quick tutorial we’re gonna come
down we’re gonna open up GIMP now once we have GIMP opened up I’m gonna go
ahead new and already have my template let’s go ahead and take a look here
let’s give it a foreground color just so I have something to look at we’re gonna
make sure that our text color is the opposite now we have two sides that we
can get text from so when we take a look at it right here this is a these are
dialog boxes over on the right hand side as you can see I have this is for like
my erase tools this is marbleizing and right here I
have a dialog box for text I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna choose I’m just gonna
choose a text out of this side and watch what we do here and let’s go ahead I
have it YouTube fonts now I’m gonna go ahead and make sure it’s highlighted and
as you can see I’m using my arrow key to go up and down now I can take a look at
the fonts rather than trying to scan through on the left hand side here
trying to scan through and see what they look like I can go ahead in the dialogue
box over on the right just go ahead there we go make sure it’s highlighted
go ahead and make sure that just go up and down and go through a very quick
simple easy way to look at different fonts for any kind of art with regards
to that go ahead comment below if you have
anything to say other than that peace out we’ll talk to you later

4 Replies to “How To Find And Change Fonts Easily In Gimp | Gimp Tutorial 2018”

  • Leon Louis Walker says:

    Joe Barns of The Master Entrepreneurs is the
    GIMPRENEUR of How To's!
    WATCH this QUICK video & Learn a NEW skill TODAY!

    2:30 is time well spent when you invest in upgrading your skillset!

  • Ucciolo says:

    Thank you very much for this video, I was going crazy with GIMP fonts!!

  • Desert Nymph says:

    Didn’t help me at all! Lol The new GIMP won’t recognize any font I’ve downloaded at all! It’s only what fonts cane on the computer. 😭🙈

  • Tavion Spencer says:

    It worked thank you.ai didnt even know there was a second menu I went in the docakable dialogs to pull up the font menu and it worked fine

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