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How to Draw Cartoon Characters : Pens for Drawing Cartoon Characters

How to Draw Cartoon Characters : Pens for Drawing Cartoon Characters

Hi, I’m Danny Page and I’m here on behalf
of Expert Village. In this series I’m going to teach you how to draw a basic cartoon characters.
Alright, so starting out, the blank page. When there’s absolutely nothing down on paper
and there’s nothing but your ideas in your head and you’re staring at the page trying
to figure out to make your ideas a reality or maybe you just feel like goofing around
and just sketching and seeing what ideas flow from the tip of your pen on to the page. So
in this instance though, the first thing you’re going to want to do is choose a type of pen
that we’re going to be sketching with. In this case I’m going to be using the fine tipped
Sharpie which is good for these types of demonstrations cause you can really see the ink pretty well,
but I will tell you though if you’re using a sketch pad that you have a lot of precious
drawings on it’s probably a good idea to use something a little bit less powerful because
this will bleed like crazy through the pages. So either make sure you have a safety page
blocking the current page you’re drawing on from the other pages or use a pen that’s not
quite as crazy powerful. This is the one I’ll be using for the demonstration. However, most
folks when their sketching early ideas out prefer to go with something a little less
permanent like a pencil with an eraser. The eraser can obviously help you change little
mistakes that you’re bound to make as you’re crafting your idea and then some folks, more
professional folks, who are little less afraid of making mistakes go for something a little
bit more fine tip. This is also a Sharpie, but the tip is much more fine and you can
get in there and really make some, a lit bit more intricate details. Something a little
less broad and these are more for people who’ve been doing this for a while and can sketch
and the ideas flow freely. So this one is a little less safe but a little bit more detailed.
But for these purposes I’m going to go with this one, the broad Sharpie and this one’s
kind of cool too. It’s retractable. You don’t see those too often. You can pick them up
at any local Target or Wal-Mart. Alright, so here we go.

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