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How to draw Arrows doodles + elegant Calligraphy || BULLET JOURNAL

How to draw Arrows doodles + elegant Calligraphy || BULLET JOURNAL

hello guys welcome back to my channel
for today’s video I want to show you how I draw arrows in my bullet journal and
in the second part of the video I want to show you how I do a new type of
calligraphy is a font that I always see on Instagram and I think it’s very cool
so I want to reproduce it for you. If you like videos about bullet journal I
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let’s begin with the video. As you can see guys I’m using my Stabilo pen and for
drawing the arrows I simply do a straight line and the first part (the tip) of
the arrow is almost the same while I vary the last part (the tail) of the arrow. I like
to draw straight lines, parallel lines and dots
or I simply leave the first part white and sometimes I fill up with the black
color or I draw crossed lines or a different shape, so you can draw, for
example, little hearts or little circles or little triangles, rhombus, geometric
figures. You can be imaginative, creative so use your fantasy and have fun. In the
tail I like to draw a flower or a feather or I just leave the normal shape
of the arrow but I vary the shape, for example instead of using straight lines
I do soft lines or you can do not straight lines but more flexible for the calligraphy part I’m using the
Stabilo 68 pen and I’m using the Ezigoo brush pen to do the hand lettering. In
this type of calligraphy there are a lot of ups and downs as you can see I draw
the vocals very little and other letters bigger than the vocals. This type of
calligraphy is very very elegant so you can use it for your titles in bullet
journal and if you don’t have brush pen remember that you can always use
watercolour. If you want me to do a tutorial about this type of calligraphy
or other calligraphy for bullet journal just let me know with a comment down below. Don’t worry if at first you mess up because I’ve messed up a lot of times
you need to practice practice practice practice. Remember to tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #carmenartjournal so I can see your pictures about your bullet
journal. Also, I want to remember you that you can find a playlist on my channel;
the playlist is Bullet Journal Ideas, so you can find there a lot of ideas and
inspiration for your bullet journal. So now I leave you to the rest of the video.
Thank you for watching guys, I will see you very very soon! Bye guys!

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