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How to Draw a Shark – For kids and grownups too! Miss Hairbrush Draws a Football Shark

How to Draw a Shark – For kids and grownups too! Miss Hairbrush Draws a Football Shark

Hey gang, Miss Hairbrush here. In this video we’re drawing a shark A football shark to be specific PISTRIS FOOTBALLUS for those of you needing
the genus and species in Latin As always, I’m doing a light outline as the
first step with his mouth, and then I’ll do his tail,
and his pectoral fins on the sides and the dorsal fin on top Now I’ll add his face – this is the fun part! I’ll give him a slanted eyebrow cause he’s
PUMPED for the big game All right, let’s put on his football jersey Okay, the collar’s done so now I’ll add his
sleeve complete with some jersey-style stripes and then I’ll add a hole at the top for his
fin to come out of Ooo, that’s nice I bet that will keep it from sliding off when
he’s swimming. Guess I’ll keep that in mind for my line of
shark clothing, “PREDATOR WEAR” I’ll add a number to his jersey so he’s legit I’m using a regular ballpoint pen here Looks like I need a new pen… The ballpoint pen ink won’t run when we start
to use the watercolor pens on it later I do like my drawings to look a little rough
and sketchy They look more natural that way which is what
I want When you do your drawings you can use whatever
style you’d like which is part of the fun of creating things Tell us all in the comments how you like to
draw and what things you like to draw I’d love to read them I’m using watercolor brush pens again And these are all the colors that I’ve chosen. I’m starting with black. That will give me a nice grey when it’s dipped
in the water. These pens are so easy to use for anybody
and they’ll make your drawings look really great Have you ever noticed how sharks are a darker
color on top and lighter color on the bottom? That’s because when you’re underwater looking
down, things are dark and when you look up towards the sun, things
are light and sharks like to stay hidden HIDDEN TILL YOU’RE BITTEN! Now watch this ombre effect on his fin See how it blends from light to dark? That’s called an ombre and it’s so easy to
do with these pens We’ll finish adding the rest of the grey to
his body and then I’ll add the shading wherever there
would be shadows Can you believe there are around 440 different
kinds of sharks in the world? Some sharks even spend their whole life laying
on the ocean floor They’re called “bum sharks” Hee-hee-hee, just kidding I’ll color in his mouth All around these sharp teeth Sharks grow and loose their teeth all the
time Their tooth-fairy is bankrupt Whoops, I colored a little too close to that
tooth Oh well Now I’ll color his eye leaving a little white circle in the middle Wow, look how real that looks Fantastic! I’m just using regular craft paper today and
I put all the links in the description if you want to see where to buy these supplies online Now you’ll know from my last video that I
like to do the main color first and then I add in an accent color This just makes your drawings look more real
and less like a cartoon. Today I’m using light blue, uh, it really
gives that aquatic look that’s SO in this season Okay, now on to his jersey. I’ll make all the ribbing yellow. Look at the nice fine point I have on this
pen. Oh, the precision! Going over the same spot with the same color
will make it even darker And then I’m going to put some orange in and
that will make it even darker still With that same orange, I’m going to add some
texture to this ribbing and make it look more like real clothes So just short strokes, close together will
really give you that effect. All right it’s time to color it in I’m choosing red because I like red and I’m
the boss of what I draw. You’re in charge of what you draw too. So don’t be afraid to make lots of mistakes
like I do. The more you do the better you’ll get. So, JUST DOODLE! So we’ve blocked out most of the red color
here and let’s finish the shading and get him ready for the game IT’S THE MELBOURNE GREAT WHITES VS THE SAN
FRANCISCO KILLER WHALES! “Uh, I think the, uh, Great Whites have a great
chance to win here if they can score more touchdowns and, uh, just learn to work together” All right, let’s give this guy a name here. How ’bout Peyton Maneater? Eh? I want to thank you all for watching this
video with me Uh, I hope you had as much fun as I did I really am having a lot of fun making these See you next time DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE

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  • Greg Deckerd says:

    I don't see any links? Where can I buy this brush pens?

    Also, I liked when you were coloring in the mouth and accidentally colored over one of the teeth as you were talking about how they lose teeth all the time. It actually looks like it could just be a spot where we just lost one! Nice job.

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