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How to Draw a Happy Shark Kids Watercolor Tutorial

How to Draw a Happy Shark Kids Watercolor Tutorial

Hi everybody! Welcome to my channel! My name is Emily and this is Ansley. Hi! And what are we gonna draw and paint today? A
happy shark! Our shark today we decided to make a happy shark for this
demonstration. I mean you can make sharks look pretty scary but we’re gonna make
our shark kind of happy looking. That sound good? Yeah! All right so we’re gonna
start by drawing the shark on with a very basic shape. I’m gonna start – this
shark is gonna be looking right at us – and so we’re gonna draw the big
cross-section of the body as a circle. Okay, so that’s the basic shape. Now we’re
going to add a little triangle off on the left side for the tail. Not all the
way over. We need to room for the tail fin. Is that a triangle? No! I like your
bottom one; let’s just take the top line and connect it a little better to the
bottom and in more of a triangle shape. That’s better!
Uh-huh. Okay our tail fins are just two triangles. So touching the top line of
this triangle on the tail I’m going to take another triangle going up almost
touching the edge of my paper and then we’re gonna connect that same
line you just ended with and make another triangle pointing down and it
comes up and touches the tail. Now we’re going to do the top fin. The top fin is
just going to be another triangle pointing up out of the top of our shark. All
right, now you see in our picture we have two fins that come out here, and here, and
these are more oval shaped; they’re not going to be quite so pointy. Good, now if
we want to define our shark a little more we can take the middle of our
triangle and just kind of draw a light line right in the middle of that
triangle. In the middle will be right here. I’m gonna bring this left fin up into the
body a little bit with a couple little lines like that so that it looks like
it’s connected to our shark and then we can erase the part of the circle that’s
inside of it. You can take this and erase and now
that fin looks like it’s part of the shark’s body, doesn’t it? Okay here’s the
fun part! We’re gonna draw the smile on our shark’s face so right in the middle
of our circle our shark has a big smile. Let’s start with that line right in the
middle of the circle. Yeah! We’re gonna add the teeth inside of
the smile so we’re gonna make another smile underneath so that it looks like
an open mouth. Now here’s another fun part. We’re gonna
add the teeth. What shape are shark teeth? I’m gonna triangle so we’re just gonna
draw triangles going up and down touching the top and bottom lines like
that. You wanna try it? Okay, now a shark has a white belly.
That’s why we drew this line this part is gonna be white and the white of his
belly comes up and around his nose too. So I’m just gonna make a very light
pencil line outlining his mouth and that’s gonna be white, his white belly. Okay and his nose is just like a, just
kind of a dark half circle shape. Now the eyes! The eyes are on the side of his
head and they’re just two little black spots like this, and they’re kind of long
and skinny ’cause they’re on the side of his head. Good! All right! Our happy little
shark is coming together! I’m going to erase this side of my circle so that it
looks like his body is connected with that side fin. I’m putting a little
line on the side of the eye going out towards the body. I think he
looks a little more shark like that way. Now I feel like his – the top of his body
could be a little taller. Are you ready to paint? You want to outline it in
sharpie first? On this outlining don’t outline these inside lines, just do the
outside of the fish, okay? I’m adding a little fin coming out of the back of the tail. I’ve added a couple of gills on the side
here in the shape of the circle you drew because sharks have to breathe under the
water with their gills. Oh, something I forgot is that right near the eyes a
little bit inside closer to the nose the shark has nostrils. Good mm-hmm, good-looking shark! Are you ready to paint? Yes! All right I’ve got this cerulean
blue right here – just a basic blue water color. I’m gonna spray it to make the
paint wet and then I also have this beautiful turquoise blue, but you can use
any blue watercolor paint you want to paint your shark water. I’m just gonna
start by painting this shark first. You know what we should make our shark gray. I’m
going to need some black. When you mix black paint with water it turns grey
so we’re gonna add quite a bit of water to our black paint. oOkay I think we’ve
got enough grey that we can start our shark and I’m painting everything except
this white belly. I’m adding some blue on his white belly because
it’s gonna reflect the color of the blue water all around him. The paper we’re using
is a mixed media paper so the watercolor doesn’t absorb super well in it, but for
just practicing it’s a really, really easy surface to paint on. If you use a little too much water like
Ansley has a little too much water on her painting, you can use a paper towel
to just dab it. You can also soak up the water with a brush – a thirsty
brush we call it – that’s not totally wet. Remember see how I’m holding my brush a
little closer to the tip? All right, we’re gonna just let those dry for a few
minutes before we paint the background. Okay we’re going to paint the water now
and for the water of I’ve chosen this beautiful turquoise blue, it’s right here
on my palette. I’m gonna wet it down just a little bit . You can see just how brilliant that
is, and for the water I’m just gonna do kind of this side-to-side motion with my
brush and I’m going to leave a couple little white streaks too, showing the light
shining through the water. I actually painted across his top fin a
little bit, too. He is in the water after all. You have to work kind of
fast with watercolor ’cause it dries so fast doesn’t it? So I painted my water
super fast but you can’t paint that fast that’s okay. While the paint is still a little bit damp
you can add bubbles by taking a clean brush and just making little
circle shapes and lifting the paint out in the shape of a circle. That’s just one
way. You do want your paint to come up really
close to your shark otherwise he looks like he inside of a bubble. Good job, it’s kinda like coloring, you gotta
paint in the lines, or in this case out of the lines. All right now that you’ve done all the
water you can start adding bubbles if you want. The way I did my bubbles is I
took a dry clean brush. You watching? And I just did little
circle shapes. You can kind of paint it out like that, but you have to keep
dabbing the paint off, see how it lifts the paint out? And then you have to wash
the paint off and dry it again. So we’re just removing the paint in the spape of bubbles. Awesome!
Oh it’s so good! Nice job on your very first shark! We didn’t even practice this
first did we? We just went for it! Ansley and I hope you enjoyed our
video! Please be sure to subscribe if you’re new here and turn on
notifications so you never miss any new videos. Thanks for watching

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