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How to download and install Google Fonts to your computer

How to download and install Google Fonts to your computer

How to download and install Google Fonts Open the Google Fonts directory You can download all Google Fonts with URL in the video description Now, extract your ZIP folder Right click the font file and select install Try your new font DONE How to download and install Google Fonts to your computer

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  • The Ontarian Historian says:


  • Miss Sunshine Gaming says:

    Thanks a lot man.

  • Avani Jain says:

    Thank you for this!! Your videos are amazing. 🙂

  • Enoverts says:

    815253127853128745124887124875124785127541287451284751284751284512487152487125481754187245 819999999999974419488742987519999999997564992856596785192845998242999999997122599175418723 813246795855128749124887924879126785197564919874596785592879928242912845124571599175418723 813254195853356749124887924879126785197564912974596785599997528242912845124571599175418723 813253195853428749999999924879999999997564912894596785592897528242999999998712599175418723 813253195854128749124887924879126785197564912879596785592849928242412845194571548175418723 813253195854536749724664987439126785197564912874996785592845992841999999998712599175418723 817253127853128745124887124875124785127541287451284751284751284512487152487125481754187245

    1: Highlight the numbers
    2: CTRL + F
    3: Type 9 in
    4: Smile please 🙂

  • scbane says:

    The non-skippable ads SUCK. Therefore, didn't watch the vid.

  • Hugo Nongbri says:

    bro whats the song? 😀

  • Steve Kelem says:

    This shows how to install A single font. If you download 100 fonts, or, better yet, have them automatically updated via github, how do you (a) install all 100 at once, and (b) have them updated and re-installed automatically via git? That's the whole point of automation, right?

  • Tausili Aloiai says:

    the song called bruce lee never die

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