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How to download and install a font for Silhouette

Hey everyone! One of the most common questions I see amongst
all of the groups is How do I download and install a font? I went to dafont and downloaded all of these
fonts , I purchased from the Hungry Jpeg all of these places that you can get all of these
wonderful fonts but nobody knows how to get them into the their silhouette software. Well the first misconception is that they
are to be in your library the only fonts you should ever see inside your library would
be fonts that you have downloaded from silhouette themselves. Everything else works just like it would be
for word , excel for any of your other softwares thats loaded onto your computer. This is used by using your text tool. And it brings up all of the fonts that are
downloaded and installed to your computer. This is where you pick what font you want
here. So all of this I typed out here I could come
over here and change the font. But these are all of the fonts I have installed
on my computer. So how do we get there? What do we do here? First thing you want to do is close your silhouette
software. You do not need silhouette open while you
are working on anything. It is always best to have all of your software
closed when installing anything on your computer. Dafont here is one of the most popular site
for free downloads. Here you can see the download link here. What you are wanting to look at here is what
the usage is. For personal use , this one here is 100% free
so you can basically do anything you want with it besides selling the actual font or
sharing the actual font. Today we are going to work with one of the
most popular fonts that everybody is using right now. Its mf I love Glitter. This is the beautiful font that has the heart
in the center and you can the swirls on the end. If you look here again this is free for personal
use. If you are wanting to sell anything with this
font on it. You are going to want to purchase commercial
use rights. I have done my research here and know you
can donate to the author here for $8 and get commercial use rights. What you are wanting to look at on the fonts
when you are wanting to locate the author is here. Misti’s fonts is who owns this. If you want to look and find out more information
about here this little box is what you want to click it will open you up another window
to her personal website. Here you can come in and look and see what
all she offers any of the information that you need to know , terms of use, which license
to purchase, all of that information should be listed there. You can also from what I’m seeing you can
purchase the commercial use rights on that site as well. But thats not what we are here for today. Today we want to know how do I get this font
into my computer and into my Silhouette software so I can use it to make my graphics. So you want to come here and click on download
button no where else on the screen. If it says download anywhere else do not click
it. Only wanting to go to heres the font and heres
all of the information, and click download. Becuase I use Internet explore mine always
comes up what do I want to do with it. I always do a save as. And on my desktop I usually keep a folder
called fonts, I break down where my font came from. Everybody always asks how do you keep organized? This is something you need to start from the
beginning, if you don’t you end up with this huge mess and now you don’t know what you
have commercial use for whats personal use, or where it came from. And it becomes a big ordeal. So we are here at dafont so I have that folder
opened and already downloaded it. Another way of doing it is inside of the dafont
folder make another folder for personal use, commercial use, 100 free use. So when you download you can come in and tell
it what rights you have for the font. That is now downloaded to my computer. Here you see my font folder. Because I know where I downloaded it from
and I just told it to go its right here in dafont. Some of your web browsers like google or firefox
some of them have it to where it automatically just downloads and saves it for you. Those are going to go into whats called your
downloads folder. As you are seeing this is my computer, my
hard drive this is showing you everything I have here. And as you can see here theres desktop , documents,
downloads. Any of those downloads would have come here
and been housed here. At that point I would have right clicked them
and cut and paste it into the folder I want it to be in. That way I can keep better control of it. You have a couple of options here. Whenever you download a folder or file it
comes zipped. That shows it has all of the documents everything
in it in one download. That is common for most downloads from most
companies. It just compresses everything down into a
simplier download. What you are going to want to do is you have
two choices you can right click and either want to extract all some people have 7 zip
some people have winzip the key is you want to extract all of the documents. So here I am going to tell it to extract to
it is going to extract it right here where we are. And another folder everything is going to
be here. This gives you a document that tells you the
terms of use if you see its an internet shortcut so when you click here its going to bring
you to the website to tell you all the information about it. Same here with how to use its going to give
you docuementation on how that designer has given you details on how to use their font. But right now all we are interested in is
how to install it. You have two options. Once its unzipped you can right click it and
install. You can double click on it and it will open
its own little window and this is what fonts look like. Again there is the install button. Thats all you have to do is click it. I already have it installed so I don’t need
to replace it. So I can bypass that feature. Close all of that out. With the zipped file if you double click on
it, if you right click on the file you’ll see there is very limited abilities to do
anything because it is still in the compressed format. If you open it, you can still get the option
of installing. So if you don’t want to go thru the unzip
process you can open that file and still get your install options. I always unzip/decompress that way you get
all of the information you need about that font. So now that font is now installed. So now we are going to open up silhouette
software. Mine may take a little while I have a lot
of software open in order to record this video. One thing you will see here is I have about
2500 fonts installed. In a later video I’m going to show you how
to use a character map and to use a font manager system. That kinda helps cut down on load times of
your software. Everytime you open any software this includes
word, office, anything that uses fonts it has to go back and read everything that you
have installed. So it does take a little bit to load everything
in. So the fewer fonts you have the better I want
to say 500 is about the normal range. 2500 I’m pushing it but its all a matter of
your computer to what it wants to handle. Here we are back in the software. Now we want to make a design with the font
we just installed. You want to come over here and use the A that
is your text tool. It opens up the text style on the right. Click out here and you will get your cursor
to be able to type. What I do when I know the font that I want
to use when you highlight and start typing it will bring up what ever is closest to that
name. Click on it and now I can type here. And theres my font. Thats as easy as it is to actually install
a font and this is any .ttf or .otf file format. That you will want to use in your software
to be able to type your actual text out. Any questions just leave a comment and I will
answer as much as I can and in future videos we will go over more information about this
specific font and the adds you can add to it and work with the font. As well as font manager system to help you. Thanks for watching!

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