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How to do Calligraphy : History of Calligraphy

How to do Calligraphy : History of Calligraphy

Hi my name is Brenda and today we are going
to be talking about calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing and is as
old as writing itself. It links us today with past cultures and extinct civilization. It
survived the dark ages and the cloistered monks. The items that we would be using today
for our calligraphy exercise are a calligraphy pen such as this one. We have various nibs
we can use for the lettering. We have different cartridges of colored ink. These can also
be bought separately when we run out of ink in this type of container. We also have a
lined tablet and our little instruction manual that comes with the set to help us get on
our way. Calligraphy is a lot of fun and it can be used to make beautiful wedding invitations
or school announcements or diplomas or Christmas cards. You can add a flair to any of your
writing. It is easy to learn and it is quite exquisite when you receive an envelope in
the mail that has calligraphy and your name written on it.

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