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How to do Calligraphy : Different Colors of Calligraphy Ink

Hi this is Brenda and we are continuing with
our calligraphy lesson. Let’s say for instance we are tired of the black ink and want to
change over to one of our colored cartridges here in our box that came with our set. Perhaps
for a holiday you would like to use red. All you have to do is just unscrew the top here.
You will notice we are almost low anyway on our black ink from our project we did previously
so we just gently remove this cartridge. Like I said earlier this can get messy sometimes
so you may want to have a little cloth handy. What I usually do is just drop in my new ink.
This is a red color. Just drop it down into the cylinder. We just screw this on like this
and as we are screwing it actually will puncture the cartridge here and you are ready to go
with your red ink. Now we have some other colors here that came in our set. You can
get these sets at stationary stores or some discount stores and it is a lot of fun to
play around with a different coloring. This set actually has black, blue, green and red.
It has several nibs so that you can use for different size lettering if you want to draw
smaller and you got this smaller nibs and it has of course the pad with it and booklet
so this set is all you need to do to begin your project.

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