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How to do Calligraphy : Calligraphy for Capital Letters H through P

How to do Calligraphy : Calligraphy for Capital Letters H through P

Hi this is Brenda again and we are still working
on our calligraphy project. Ever once in a while we will have a little accident with
our calligraphy pen. As you can see here at the top there is some ink forming here at
the top and we have to be careful because that could really ruin a wedding invitation.
So we just have to be aware. Take a little rough damp cloth, wipe that off and also wash
your hands. As you can tell here I’ve got some on my hands so we do have to be aware
that these pens can leak from time to time. Now we are going to go on with our project
and start on the letter H. Start here on the upper part with just a fluid motion, coming
down like that. Going on to the letter I not even lifting from the paper. That was just
one stroke. Onto the next J, also not even lifting from the paper and coming down this
time a little longer. The K, come from the top and down and you do have to lift the pen
on some letters such as the K and put a little tail there on it. One of my favorite letters
is L. It just seems to have a fluid of motion to it. Once again, one of the letters you
do not have to lift up. The pen is the letter L. M, which is used quite a bit of course
in wedding invitations when you have to say Mr. and Mrs, so this one is good to have to
master. N, we start at the top and come down in one fluid motion. We do have to lift up
on this one. Come up and a little tail at the end. Here we have the O. Once again, remembering
not to squeeze the pen in too tightly, just have fun with it and just be relaxed keeping
it at a 45 degree angle. Next on our list is the letter P. Come back up to the top and
back around. Here we have gotten through the letter P.

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