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How to Decorate a Cake : Handwriting With Icing When Decorating Cakes

How to Decorate a Cake : Handwriting With Icing When Decorating Cakes

Hi, my name is Linda Leon with Expert Village.com,
and we are going to be talking about cake decorating today. Our theme is how to do basic
handwriting, so come on over to my table, and I am going to show you how. Basically
you load your writing tip on which is the one this little open circle at the end, a
very plain tip, and you write in big letters. Try to write fat and not connected because
when you write slanted it, like a fancy handwriting, it is harder to pick your letters off the
cake if you make a mistake. I am just going to put my name here, and if you notice I am
writing in nice big letters.
I am writing in nice big letters, and the reason why you want to write in nice big letters
is because if you make a mistake on a cake, you can freeze the cake and then take a tooth
pick and pull each one of those big pieces off of the cake. So let’s try that one more
time because I got a little bit close to that rosette, but I am going to put my name again
right here. This time I will try to stay away from my little roses. Use big letters. I am telling you that this becomes invaluable
when you make a mistake because sometimes you spend a lot of time putting your cake
together, and then you wind up misspelling somebody’s name or putting a wrong word
on the cake and you need to be able to get that off. So just remember that if it ever
happens because your letters are big, you can just take a small tooth pick and go under
those letters and pull it off once you put the cake in the refrigerator or freezer for
a little while to get it hardened. So that is basically how we write on a cake. I hope
you got the opportunity to learn something new today, and I would encourage you to continue
on with some of our other segments and learn some other new things about cake decorating.

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