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How to create handwritten notes with iPad and Apple Pencil — Apple Support

How to create handwritten notes with iPad and Apple Pencil — Apple Support

Creating notes
with your Apple Pencil is as easy as a tap. Here are some helpful tips
to use in your next note. First, let’s create
an instant note. To quickly create a new note, tap the Lock screen
of your compatible iPad with your Apple Pencil
and then you can start writing. Whatever you write
or draw from here will automatically
be saved in Notes. If you need help setting up your
Apple Pencil in Instant Note, click on the articles in the
description below to read more. Now let’s check out some tools
for customizing your notes. You can change
the opacity or thickness of the tool you’re using by tapping the pen icon
to open the Tools menu, tapping the tool, and either tapping
to select a different thickness or moving the slider
to make your markings more or less transparent. To choose a different color, you can tap
one of the five defaults, or tap the color picker
on the right to select a different shade. Apple Pencil has some
other useful features for iPad and Notes as well. For example,
if you make a mistake, just double-tap a finger
on your Apple Pencil to switch to the eraser. You can also set this gesture to
switch to the last tool you used instead of the eraser
in Settings. Now let’s say you need to find
a note you wrote a while back. You can search for it using
a word or phrase from that note, even if it’s handwritten. To do this, tap the back arrow, then swipe down on the side menu
to reveal the search field. Type what you’re looking for, and the notes with that
search term will show up below. Just tap to open a note and you can give it
a few finishing touches. Looking good! Now you can create
colorful, useful notes on your iPad with Apple Pencil. For more helpful iPad tips, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel, or click a video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ Music playing ♪

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