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How to convert fonts to raster images in Photoshop – Printing Tutorial 1/7

Welcome to our first lesson, “Interacting
with fonts and Photoshop,” brought to you by Printwand. Our goal here is to prepare
this Photoshop file so that our commercial printer, or anyone that we’re handing our
file off to can work with the document and not have to worry about any potential font
conflicts. So in the first part of our lesson I’ll show
you how to go and get the fonts from where they’re stored on our computers and copy them
so that we can hand them off. And in the second part, we’ll talk about how to convert the
fonts in our Photoshop docs themselves so that you don’t need to include anything else
when you’re giving them to the printer. So here I’ll show you how to go and get your
fonts if your using a Windows computer. First head down to “Start,” then go to “My Computer.”
Here, we’re going to head to “Local Disk” which is your (C:) drive, then we’re going
to go to “Windows” and then “Fonts.” And so here we can see all of the fonts that we have
loaded on our computer. Lets go ahead and create a new folder on our desktop so that
we have a place we can copy our fonts to. And we do this by right-clicking on our desktop,
heading down to “New” and then heading over to “Folder.” And we’re just going to name
this “Fonts to Copy.” We’ll open up our new folder that we have over here on our desktop,
and we’ll go ahead and drag to select, and then windows will automatically paste this
for you. And that’s how you take care of copying your fonts over in windows. If you’re using a Mac the process is a little
different. Head to the “Macintosh HD,” and then the “Library” folder, and then the “Fonts”
folder. And again, here we have all of the system fonts loaded on our computer. So we’re
going to go ahead and create a new folder on our desktop so that we have a place we
can copy our fonts to. And you do this just by right clicking on the desktop, selecting
“New Folder”, and then we can just rename it whatever we want; in this case we’ll just
call it “Fonts.” Ok, now that we’ve done that, we’ll go ahead and drag to select in the folder
and then right click to “Copy.” We’ll go back over to our desktop and open up the new folder
that we have over here, and right click again and go down to “Paste.” So that’s how you can gather up the Fonts
that you might be using in your Photoshop document. To me, this is the preferred way
to give a document to someone. That way, if they don’t have the font that you’re using
they can load it onto their computer and they should be all set with your document. Another
option would be to convert the text in your document to an image. So here we’re now in Photoshop and we can
see that we have a block of text that has been typed into the document. And what we’re
going to do here is convert this text, which is vector based, into a rasterized image.
We’ll get more into the differences between raster and vector based artwork later on in
our lesson, but for right now this is the reasoning behind what we’re doing. So what you’ll want to do is head up to your
“Menu Bar,” go to “Layer,” head down to “Rasterize,” and then over to “Type.” And there you have
it. Your type has been converted into an image. Now you don’t need to include your fonts with
your Photoshop doc. The type has been placed here as a piece of art. But, here’s a word of caution though. The
problem with this method is that there is no going back from it. Once you have rasterized
your type it’s no longer editable. So if you’re going to go down this route it’s best to wait
until the very end of your creative process. Or, save a copy of your file with the type
non-rasterized and then another with it rasterized so that if you need to make changes you still
won’t have a problem doing so. So this concludes our lesson about “Interacting with fonts and
Photoshop,” up next we’re going to talk about “The correct use of color.” Make sure to check back often to Printwand
for more video lessons as well as other articles to help you with your marketing and promotional

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