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How to Contour (in Arabic) / طريقة الكونتور باللغة العربيّة

How to Contour (in Arabic) / طريقة الكونتور باللغة العربيّة

Hi beauties, I’m Gina Today this tutorial is going to be in Arabic only I’m going to show you how I highlight and contour with cream and powder and everything about contouring and highlighting I love to highlight and contour so so much Makeup is art you can do anything you want with makeup to make your face look skinnier, and your nose smaller, to give your face a lift, to make your lips bigger, your eyes bigger, you can do so so much with makeup I’m going to teach you how to do every step and I’m going to explain to you why it’s beneficial and how it’s going to help you Celeberties and famous people always play with makeup to make their nose look smaller or to make their features look better but people think they had surgeries but most of the time it’s just makeup God willing you like my video and learn something new and also God willing you can understand my Arabic My Arabic isn’t too bad but it’s broken Surely you know and can hear it’s a little broken but I’m trying I was born in Egypt but I came to America when I was 2 years old So I thank God that I still know Arabic but it’s not perfect Arabic or the best and also my Arabic is Egyptian so if you’re not Egyptian then our Arabic isn’t going to be exactly alike and some of our words aren’t the same at all but that’s okay, God willing you’ll understand me and if you can’t understand me then surely there will be translation down below God willing okay, let’s go First thing we’re going to use is primer and primer is very important because it’s going to help the foundation stay on your face all day I like primer that’s a little sticky so it can stick to the foundation better and also help your pores look a little smaller This is from Fentey Beauty and it’s very good and it smells very good This next step is called color correcting and you only do it if you have colored blemishes or if your under eyes are a little dark So if you have red spots you can use a green color to cancel and correct the color I have a little darkness, dark circles, under my eyes here, here and a little here so I’m going to use an orange color and I’ll put a little here and it’ll cancel out Do you see the difference between this eye and this eye and also I’m going to put it anywhere on my face that’s a little darker It hides very quickly After I put the color I like to take my finger and press the color in So it’s not heavy on my face For foundation I like to use the Dior AirFlash foundation because it’s very full coverage but it’s not heavy on your face and it looks like your skin but better With foundation I always use a beauty blender sponge that’s little damp And then this is a spray, so I just spray a little and also don’t forget your neck because you don’t want it to be a different color than your face Now for contouring, I’m going to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit This contour kit is good but it’s a little dry so I’m going to use maracuja oil by Tarte or any oil you use is good so that it becomes a little creamy and easy to blend I’m putting just a little, 2 drops The brush you want to use will be like this or even smaller this is good because it’s very dense but you don’t want to use something like this because it’s flimsy and it won’t work at all or also you can use a beauty blender I put a on the brush and I like to press on the brush here so that it’s more skinny So that you can remember where to put the color correctly take the hand of the brush next to your cheek and from the top of your ear, here Let it line up until your mouth/lips, here This is going to be a template so you know where to place the color because if you put it a little high it will look very bad and if you put it a little low it will make your face fat and not skinny and also your going to place the color until your eyes from here so at the end of your eye here, your going to put the color until this spot So this trick is going to make your face skinnier and will give it a lift If your head from here is very big this is very important and beneficial to you because it will make this area to appear much smaller but my head is not big here so I’m putting just a little, I don’t need a lot but I still have to put so that it’s connected and also I’m taking the same color and putting it down here This is going to help so so much to make a shadow and make this area look skinnier It’s going to help a lot if this area for you is a little thicker but also if it’s not thick, it will make your face more structured and it will appear but better I love to do this so much You can also take it here to *lift a little and if you want your lips to appear bigger you can make a shadow here, and that will quickly make your lips look bigger because it creates a shadow I also like to put the color here and connect it here this is going to *life your face and eyes a lot and now for the nose I trade for a much smaller brush but also synthetic and I start up here from the eyebrows like that so I go next to the natural structure of my nose but inner, so it’ll be skinnier This part is going to help so much to make your nose look smaller My nose is a little longer from the bottom, it ends here but I’m going to make a line here and make it a little round It’s all playing with makeup and shadows so when you put this color this dark color in an area it creates a shadow and will make it look smaller and skinnier So now we’ve done the contour and the shadows of our face Now we’re going to highlight and brighten the important features of our face I’m using the Tarte shape tape because it’s very very full coverage but it’s a little dry so I’m also going to use the Maybelline AgeRewind this is very good and it’s cheap First thing, we’re going to brighten under our eyes I put it in a “V” shape so that’ll lift our face like the contour and with the Maybelline quickly I’m filling it in and I’m also taking it up here and a little on the side of my nose Also if your head right here is small your going to want to put a lot of highlight here but if it’s big, you don’t want to put a lot because this is going to brighten and you don’t want to put a lot because it’s going to make it look bigger I don’t want to make mine bigger or smaller but I put a little just to brighten area because we contoured and I’m putting a little down my nose also you’re going take a little here to also brighten this area and also under our cheek put a little like this This is going to help our face look more structured, because it’s in between the contour I always also put concealer under here and this is going to give your eyes a lift and now to blend I’m using a beauty blender and it has to be damp and I do the highlight first you have to press it into your skin, like this and don’t do this press it only, because we don’t want the color to move from its place Now we’ve finished the cream contour but because it’s cream, we have to set it with powder so it doesn’t transfer I’m using the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder because it doesn’t have a color, and it’s thin, it won’t be thick on your skin I put it with the beauty blender under my eyes and on the side of my nose When your using this powder you have to press it into your skin use a lot, and let it sit like that and also we’re putting some on our nose, like this under our cheeks also this is going to help the contour be stronger also a little here every where we put the cream highlighter we also have to put the powder so the highlighter doesn’t move from it’s spot and I like to take a little and put it here because this area makes a mark when you laugh Now I’m using a brush that’s big and soft this is good because it has a dome shape, so it’s good for under the eyes and I’m going to do this very very gently on the areas we put the powder except under the eyes and here we’re going to let that bake a little Baking is to keep the powder on top of the concealer, as long as you can and when you remove it, it will make that area look very bright, and very good like its air brushed After we’ve waited a little, I’m taking off the powder Just like we put powder on the highlight we also have to put powder on the contour I always use the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, I love this so so much and to put the bronzer I like to use this brush because it’s not to big or too small and also it’s round so it’s going to help us blend Same areas we put the cream contour, we’ll put the powder contour you have to put it with a very light hand so that it’s blended, and you don’t put a lot and for your nose your also going to trade for a smaller and dense brush and it’ll help you if it’s a little long on the side and your going to do like you did with the cream contour don’t forget to bring it up to your eyebrows to it looks a little more natural and also same thing, we’re going to make the nose smaller and shorter with this line then we’re going to blend it with any brush small and fluffy like this so that the color is not too strong Now we need add color to our face so I’m using this blush called Dessert Rose by MAC any brush that’s size is like this and fluffy will work good and I like to smile to see where to place it on my cheek Then the best thing is highlighting I like to mix my highlighters this one is Dose of Colors, Fuego, Desi and Katy and this is Champagne Pop, Jaclyn Hill by Becca I’m using a fan brush to place it I’m placing it very very lightly up here, on my cheek bone Highlighting will make you look very bright It’s not natural, but when you put it on your face, it makes your face look a little natural and with a brush that’s very small and flat I’m going to take a little and highlight my nose take it down on the bridge and I’m making a dot here and then I’m taking my finger to blend it a little also I’m a little here on my lips this is going to make it look a little bigger and also under our eyebrows a little, to *lift our face and eyes and to open our eyes the inner corner of the eyes When we finish with the products it’s very important to use a setting spray I used the Urban Decay setting spray and setting spray is very very important because we put a lot of layers on our face this is going to make the layers become one so it’s going to make the powder and cream mix together so that it looks like one layer and also it’s going to help the makeup stay on your face all day and now I’m going to put on lashes these are Huda Beauty Lashes I love Huda Beauty lashes so much and I love her too because she’s an amazing beauty influencer and amazing Arab business women and I’m putting a little Maybelline Lash Sensation mascara and to finish, I’m using Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in Bombshell Finally, we finished God willing you liked the video and learned something new if you liked the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already subscribed and also comment to letting me know if you liked the video in the Arabic language I can make more if you enjoyed it I enjoyed making it this video so much and representing my Arab culture, my Egyptian culture God willing you understood me a little Thank you so much for watching my video, bye beauties

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