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How to Connect Cursive V – American Handwriting

How to Connect Cursive V – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive letter v with other cursive letters.
So, let’s get started. This is v. Notice, like the letter o, the letter v ends at the
top so when we make our connection, we will be starting from the top whereas with most
other letters we start the connection from the bottom. First I will connect several v’s
together. So here I go into the second one. Do you see what I’m doing? Go down, go up.
I start my second one, my next one at the top. Okay? Now, let me connect v to other letters. Here’s
v-a. So again, I’m just starting from the top up here to get to the starting point of
my next letter. v-b. So with the b, I start the b just at the halfway point of the b because
that’s where the v ended. v-c, v-d, v-e. So it looks like we only have about half of
an e because the e started so high. v-f, v-g, v-h, v-i, v-j, v-k, v-l, v-m, v-n, v-o, v-p,
v-q, v-r, v-s, v-t, v-u. V-v is up here. v-w, v-x, v-y, v-z. And now I will write some words
beginning with v. very, v-e-r-y, van, v-a-n, volume, v-o-l-u-m-e, visit, v-i-s-i-t. The capital v is not connected to the next
letter. The capital v ends up here and we cannot make a connection there because our
letters, the next letters, the following letters will start down here. So, do not connect the
capital v to the next letter. So that’s the letter v. Thanks for watching.
Please watch my other videos and please visit coopos.com. Thanks. Bye.

5 Replies to “How to Connect Cursive V – American Handwriting”

  • Barbara Tellez says:

    this is one of the most helpful videos i have ever seen. without this i wouldve never learn h ow to do the letter v i thijnk she should be a teacher if she isnt and i would want her to be my teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vijaya Sarathy C says:

    Thanks for the video…. This helps me in teaching my son…

  • 나노 says:

    I watched other videos on your channel. It's pretty helpful to teach myself about cursive.. thanks!

  • AnselAlly says:

    The Vi and the Vr had me doubting my existence due to their similarity.

  • Vishnu s says:

    Mam believe me that you should change your channel name.
    It's awesome……. u should keep name like a way where someone get it easily if searching about handwritting.

    I m trying to find out a channel for improve my handwritting for last 1 year. Today somehow i got ur one.

    Believe me your hardwork will change someone's life if ur channel get to easy by searching about handwritting.

    I think you keep name like handwriting imrovement ot cursive wrtting like …..

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