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How to Connect Cursive O – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive letter o with other cursive letters.
So, let’s get started. The letter o is a circle with a little loop on the top. The
o is different from the other letters in that it ends up here at the top. The other letters
that we’ve seen so far have ended down here at the bottom. So this sometimes makes the
letter next to the o look a little bit different because it’s starting way up here. We’ll
see that in a moment. Right now, I’m going to connect several o’s together. O and the
other one starting from the top so I go up to the starting position. Make another one,
go to the next starting position which is about here, go around for my o. It’s important not to come down here for
your o. I see that actually quite often with some people who are new to English writing,
cursive writing, because they want to start the next letter at the bottom. When they do
that, especially if they put that line fairly close, then it ends up looking like an a or
even a different letter. So these are not correct. Don’t continue this line down after
your o. It’s important to start the next letter from the top position, starting from
right up here. Okay? All right. Here’s the letter o connected to other letters.
o-a. Now look at what I’m going to do for the a. I start, I’m ending my o at the top
and I go into position for the a. So my a starts right here and I form the a, go up
and back down. That’s o-a. Here’s o-b. Again, my b is going to start from right here.
It’s not going to start from its usual position which is down at the bottom. So I go up into
the b. That’s o-b. o-c. There’s my starting position for the c. o-d. Okay, that’s my
starting position. o-e. Now we only really get about half of the e because I had to start
up high from the o. o-f, o-g, o-h, o-i, o-j. Again, some of these letters are going to
look a little bit different because they’re starting up high, okay? They’re not starting
down here at the bottom of the line. o-k, o-l, o-m. So we only get about a half a bump
on that first part of the m because it’s starting high. o-n. And we just get about
half a bump on the first part of the n. O-o is up here. o-p, o-q, o-r, o-s. The s sometimes
looks funny because it’s not finished. If I don’t carry it, I don’t carry that line
way up there. It only goes, really I went about further than usual actually. Notice
the difference between the r and the s. The r is kind of a little square at the top and
it’s open here, but the s is pointed at the top and it’s more closed at the bottom.
o-t, o-u, o-v, o-w, o-x, o-y, o-z. And here some words that begin with o. Old,
o-l-d. Other, o-t-h-e-r. Often, o-f-t-e-n. Owner, o-w-n-e-r. The capital o should not be connected to the
next letter because the o finishes up here and the next letter would not look right starting
way up near the top of the line. So the o is not connected. The capital o is not connected. So that’s the letter o. Thanks for watching.
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