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How to connect cursive letter ‘K’ | Learn to connect / Join cursive letters | Part 12

Hello friends, welcome to MaK World This is the 12th part of cursive handwriting letters connections series. And in this video, we will learn to connect capital letter ‘K’ and small letter ‘k’ with other small letters Here I have drawn a capital letter ‘K’ in this way And to draw this, we need two strokes this is the first stroke and this is the second stroke When you want to connect capital “K’ to another letter, you need to connect the second stroke to the next letter here I have connected 2nd stroke to the letter ‘i’ Let’s see how to form this letter This same capital ‘K’ and small ‘k’ we will use in forming the connections Let’s see how capital “K’ formed This is the first stroke and This is the second stroke I draw the second stroke and connects it with the letter ‘a’ now how to draw small ‘k’? draw this upward stroke then draw it back downward again go halfway upward and again draw it downward and then I connect it to the letter ‘a’ This is how we have drawn capital and small ‘K’ Thank you for watching the video. Please subscribe to the channel.

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