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How to Connect Cursive J – American Handwriting

How to Connect Cursive J – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive letter j with other cursive letters.
So, let’s get started. Here’s the letter j. It goes up, goes down, and makes a loop,
and then there’s a dot on the top. So I will make several j’s together. Up, down,
and loop. There’s my next one, loop, loop, loop, loop. Notice that I have not put the
dots on the j’s yet. I do that after the end, after I’ve connected all my letters,
after I’ve written an entire word. Then I go back and I put whatever dots are necessary. Here’s the j connected to other letters.
j-a. Now as with the others, I finished my j about here but I went up so that I could
start my connection or start the beginning of my a. And I came down and around to make
the a and back down. That’s j-a. Here’s j-b, j-c, j-d, j-e, j-f, j-g, j-h, j-i. J-j
is up here. j-k, j-l, j-m, j-n, j-o, j-p, j-q, j-r, j-s, j-t. Notice here again. I stop.
I go back to cross my t and dot my i. j-u, j-v, j-w, j-x, j-y, j-z.
And here are some words that begin with j. We have jet, j-e-t, jump, j-u-m-p, join, j-o-i-n,
and judge, j-u-d-g-e. The capital j can easily be connected to the next letter. Okay, the
capital j comes up here when it’s finished, so that’s a nice fluid movement to get into
the next letter. Okay, so it’s easy to connect the capital j to the next letter. So that’s
the letter j. Thanks for watching. Please visit my website at coopos.com and watch my
other videos. Thanks. Bye.

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  • Taylor says:

    Thank you!! Might also be helpful to show how the letter(s) connect to Preceding letters… Like.. idk, Hijab: how to connect the "i" to the following "j…"

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