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How to Connect Cursive G – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to show you the cursive letter g connected to other cursive letters.
So let’s get started. Here is g. Okay, so we’ll make our connections starting about
here or up here depending on where the next letter starts. So first I will connect several
g’s. So there’s my first one. The g starts up here at the top so I have to move to the
top to the correct position and then I can start my next g up here. Go to the top. Start
the next g and go to the top, start the next one. Okay? g-g-g-g. They should all be the
same size. Oh well. Here is g-a, so again I had to go to the top
to start my a. g-b, g-c, g-d, g-e, g-f. G-g is up there. g-h, g-i, g-j, g-k, g-l, g-m,
g-n, g-o, g-p, g-q, g-r, g-s-, g-t, g-u, g-v, g-w, g-x, g-y, g-z. And now for a few words
beginning with g. We have go. Oh, I already have go up here somewhere, here, so I’ll
make it got, g-o-t, got. Here’s the word guess, g-u-e-s-s, the
word gate, g-a-t-e, and the word grow, g-r-o-w. The capital g is usually not connected to
the next letter, but it can be. So if I don’t connect it, I would stop right here at this
part and just have that little hook or that little piece that goes in, and then I would
continue with my word right next to it. Okay? So I would stop right here. So we usually
do not make the connection here. However, some people might want to continue that, so
they might continue it. So that’s the letter g. Thanks for watching.

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