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How to Connect Cursive F – American Handwriting

How to Connect Cursive F – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thank you for watching my
video. Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive letter f to other cursive letters.
So, let’s get started. This is the letter f. So, well if we had a line here, this would
be the bottom of the line, so our connection has to be made right here. Okay? So I will
write several f’s together. So notice each one, the next one will start basically from
here. Go up and back down to the middle. Up, back down to the middle. Okay? Now I will
connect f to some other letters. There’s f-a, f-b, f-c, f-d. As with the other letters,
I always have to get into the correct starting position. So for example, for the d I had
to move up here which is my starting position for the d. So from the bottom of the f, I
went up here. Then I started my d and went around. So I have to do that with all the
letters. For the a, I did the same thing. I went to the starting position of the a.
So this went from the f to the starting part of the a. I went around and finished the a.
Here’s f-e. F is next. There’s f-g, f-h, f-i, f-j, f-k, f-l, f-m, f-n, f-o, f-p, f-q,
f-r, f-s. I should finish my s like that. f-t, f-u, f-v, f-w, f-x, f-y,
f-z. And now I’ll write a few words beginning
with f. So I will start with for, f-o-r. Okay. We’ll see when we get to the o, but the
r has to connect to the o right up here at the top. How about fun? f-u-n. How about free?
f-r-e-e. And one more. How about first? f-i-r-s-t, first. The capital f is not connected to the next
letter. The f ends with this little hook here, so we need to stop that hook. We would not
continue it to make another letter. So I would do something like this. Okay? So the f is
usually not connected. That is the letter f. Thanks for watching.
Please visit my website at www.coopos.com. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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