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How to Connect Cursive C – American Handwriting

Hi. I’m Denise. Thanks for watching my video.
Today I’m going to talk about connecting the cursive c to other cursive letters. So,
let’s take a look. C is like that so we make all of our connections right here at
the bottom. First I will make several c’s together. C, now the c started at the top,
so I have to start at the top here so I have to get into position first. So I said it’s
connected at the bottom, but if the next letter starts at the top we have to get into position.
So there’s my starting point for the next c. Now I go around again, go back to the top
to start my next one. I have to keep going to the top. Okay? Here’s the c with other letters. c-a. For
the a I have to start at the top. c-b. The b can just connect right to the c from the
bottom. C I already did. c-d, c-e, c-f, c-g, c-h, c-i, c-j, c-k, c-l, c-m, c-n, c-o, c-p,
c-q, c-r, c-s, c-t, c-u, c-v, c-w, c-x, c-y, c-z. Now I’ll write a few words beginning with
c. So let’s start with cat, c-a-t. Here’s come, c-o-m-e. Here is choice, c-h-o-i-c-e,
choice. How about cloud, c-l-o-u-d. Capital C can easily be connected to the next
letter. We just continue the c in the same way as a lowercase c. Thanks for watching. Please visit my website,, and please watch my other videos. Thanks. Bye.

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