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How To Conjugate Arabic Verbs

good day to you all welcome to this
lesson where I’m going to teach you how to conjugate Arabic verbs – I’m bringing you
this lesson from San Francisco California USA now – conjugating verbs is
a very important skill to have because it’s very easy to spot somebody
whose English isn’t particularly good if they can’t conjugate their verbs
what is conjugating a verb – why don’t i patronize you for the next few seconds and explain
to you what that means a verb like for example to study we change the
word study depending on who is doing the studying so if I say I study it just
stays I study if I say you study you study we study we study but if I say he
studies see I change the study to the studies I’ve just conjugated that verb
in the third person so the he or she in Arabic it’s very similar -we do the same
kind of thing but actually it’s slightly more complicated I’m going to teach you
eight different ways of conjugating an Arabic verb. I nearly fell off this little
bench there – eight different ways of conjugating an Arabic verb I’m gonna go I
you masculine you feminine you plural he she we they okay now I’m going to use
the example ‘darasa’ which means to study so first of all I – I study: ana adrus – ana adrus. We put an alef at the front simple: ana adrus. You study: this
is you masculine now anta tadrus anta tadrus – okay
anta tadrus – we put a ‘ta’ at the front of the verb ‘darasa’. You
feminine we put anti tadruseen anti tadruseen – I’m
covering my my my Mike just because it’s a little bit windy you can probably see from my hair it’s windy af there’s somebody watching me over there
that’s okay anti tadruseen okay that’s the
feminine (you) so when I’m when I’m conjugating hello when I’m conjugating
the verb to say anti tadruseen I’m actually going to add the ya and the
noon on the end of that verb ‘anti tadruseen’ so we’ve done you masculine we’ve done
you feminine you plural antum tadrusoon antum tadrusoon antum tadrusoon – that means you all study so if I’m a teacher we’re talking to a
class / group of people I say ‘antum tadrusoon’ you you you he she okay
he/she – huwa yadrus, huwa yadrus we add a ya to the front: huwa yadrus – he studies or he is studying huwa yadrus. She is a
difficult one interesting one because actually: hiya tadrus – hiya tadrus means she studies it’s the same conjugation as
you masculine but it’s hiya tadrus so anta tadrus, you masculine (study) – hiya tadrus – she studies so: hiya tadrus we / they: naHnu – naHnu nadrus, with a we, we
conjugate it with a noon and we make it into a naHnu nadrus naHnu nadrus okay
naHnu nadrus – we put a noon at the front and they: humma yadrusoon ana adrus, anta tadrus, anti tadruseen, intum tadrusoon, huwa yadrus hiya tadrus, and naHnu nadrus and humma yadrusoon – you can see what I mean now about when the
verb conjugation gets quite complicated in Arabic a lot more complicated than in
English okay I hope that’s helpful I’m in San Francisco at the moment I’m
not sure why people started taking photos of me just there but – they
probably think I’m famous – I’m not and I actually – I’ve been traveling across
America for the last 10 days I flew from New York to Texas I picked up
a car and then I drove from Dallas across like Albuquerque Grand Canyon and
then down across to California LA and San Francisco I took loads of photos and
took some videos on the way and I’ve actually made a video about my trip
which you can watch here much colder than LA you get kind of
stuff like this happening where people just cruise around on these kind of
‘mobiles – I’m not really sure what that is is it a segway? not really sure
and yeah they’ve spotted me I’ve been spotted and yeah you can see the Golden Gate Bridge over there so it’s kind of a pretty
attractive scene I think I’m gonna – either my battery’s gonna die or I’m
gonna run out of space or I’m gonna kind of fall off this ledge
in a minute so I’ll leave it there thank you all for watching – shukran 3ala mushaahidatakum wa ma3 as-salaama ila-al-liqaa

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