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How to CHANGE THE FONT on iPhone (Without JAILBREAK)

How to CHANGE THE FONT on iPhone (Without JAILBREAK)

hello everyone if you want to change the
font on iPhone without jailbreak then I show you how to change font on your
iPhone while writing a text welcome to Maxin TV and it’s me
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for my latest tutorials,tips and more when I thought of changing my iPhone
font without jailbreak I searched the whole internet and app store then I came
through an app called fonts which allows me to use different fonts while typing
using a keyboard on iphone to download this app go to the link given in the
description below then it takes you to the App Store and here download the app
called fonts and it just takes 12 megabytes of space to install this
application after you install it open the app and here click on go to fonts
settings and here go to keyboards and enable
fonts and here you will get an additional option called allow full
access and I suggest you to disable this option for the security purposes and now
I go to messages and here I want to send a message to a friend when you open
the keyboard you can see a globe icon at the bottom left corner press and hold on
that globe icon now select fonts and here you can see you got a new keyboard
and on top you can select your favorite font or the font you like and just start
typing your text and send it and it is very simple the same font appears for
the opposite person even he is using Android suppose if you want to write a
tweet with different fonts you can use this keyboard in Twitter app and the
same font appears for everyone and also on Instagram the same thing applies
before recording this video I checked on these apps and it is working perfectly
it is very simple to setup this keyboard and also to use it it is a free app and
you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone and also works on any device running iOS
11.0 or higher if you find this video helpful let me know in the comments
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