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How to Change the Default Font on Windows 7

How to Change the Default Font on Windows 7

How to Change the Default Font on Windows 7 Click on the start button and Go to Control Panel. Select ‘Appearance and Personalization’. Click ‘Display’. Search for ‘color scheme’ in the search box. Select ‘Change window colors and metrics’. Here You can change the font, Its Size and Color. Once you are happy with the changes, click apply and then ok button to save the changes. This is How You can Change the Default Font on Windows 7

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  • Games For Everyone says:


  • computrMan 2020 says:

    How 2 change Font Style in Windows Explore to Mono-spaced font

  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Chauhan says:

    Thanks a lot your video is really awesome..
    My problem is solved i.e. italics font issue is resolved….
    I have problem of italics font in my computer and I am fed up of using different tricks provided on different videos to solve this problem .

  • Connie Wilson says:

    Thank you for this video. I have been trying to find out for 3 years how to get the font adjustment area in this window to change from faded to the same appearance as the one above it. I have googled and ask without an answer. I just learned by watching your every move and I saw you click on the title at the top of the window and waala it appeared. You didn't explain the action but, I caught it. Thank you. The click solved most of my visual problems with my computer.

  • Sonaina Ashmin says:

    diden't changed

  • Sonaina Ashmin says:

    This did not help….

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