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How to Change Instagram FONTS

How to Change Instagram FONTS

Hey everyone. Today, I wanted to show you how you could change fonts in Instagram stories. Now Instagram stories allows you to put text as this always has but now you could change the font So let me show you how to do that if this is your first time here I create tech videos and social media videos five times a week so consider subscribing So you don’t miss the latest video first thing as usual is we want to go to our story So I’m clicking my logo here to go to stories and I’ll just take a picture of a black area just so I could show you the text a little better and Once you take a picture you could add text to it as usual celesta a right on top So I’ll go ahead and press that and the first thing is the classic text that we’ve always had so The classic text you could change the size by using The left bar here and on top you could justify it left right or center. That’s that and then the a Right there lets you create a background for that text I could create a background and then I could use these icons on the bottom to change the background color as well so that’s the background I turn that off and let me change the text back to white and I’m just gonna move this right to the top here and I’m gonna go ahead and press done because I want to create a Second text to show you how to change the font style so on the modern text right in the top here if I click Classic, it’ll switch it to modern and with modern selected I could go ahead and resize it and I could go ahead and change the color, but this one doesn’t have a background option So I could resize it and I could change the color, so I’m gonna press done here. Let me press a again Let’s create the next one The next one is called neon so I just pressed neon again I could resize it I could change the color and I could just move it down here I’ll press a again to show you the next one the next one is called typewriter So with typewriter I could resize that as usual I’m just using my two fingers here to resize it I could add background as usual and change the color of that Background I could go ahead and justify it so the same options that you had in the classic option So let me press down here let me just move it down here and resize it and let me press a one more time and the One right now is called strong So I’ll just use that one and this one also has a background So I’ll just do a orange background here and press done, and I’ll go ahead and move it down here And those are the five fonts that are available right now, but I bet just like all the other features on Instagram They’ll be adding more to these so Go ahead and play with these five. They’re a great way to make text stand out in your Instagram stories And I think it really helped boost your engagement on Instagram. I hope you found this useful There are a ton of Instagram tutorials on my channel So make sure you check out the playlist for some of those videos, and I hope to see you on the next video Thanks for watching

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