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How To Change Font On Instagram Bio

How To Change Font On Instagram Bio

How to change font on your Instagram bio if you were interested in knowing this then keep on watching open the Instagram app your profile on the bottom right side then you need to click the edit profile here you need to add something in your bio if it is not already done if it is there then select the text and then copy exit the Instagram app then go to the google chrome and then you need to open the lingo Jam dot-com website in your browser I’ll give the link in the description below paste the bio in this text box and once you will copy this text in your indeed in the top text box you will see the different versions of font of your bio here you just need to copy the for which you like just select that all bio and then to copy the text exit the Chrome browser and go to your Instagram profile again click edit profile and go to your bio select the previous test text just paste the current one and click the text more check box and this is how you can change the font of your bio in your Instagram if you have any questions or curious you can ask in the comments below I will try to answer that in the comments and if it’s not possible I will try to make another video on that thank you for watching and if you liked this video hit the like button share and subscribe

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