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How to Celebrate New Year in Egypt or another Arabic speaking country

How to Celebrate New Year in Egypt or another Arabic speaking country

do you know how Egyptians celebrate New
Year’s Day in this lesson you will learn some important phrases about the
Egyptian New Year and some valuable cultural tips in Arabic New Year’s Day
is called a draw Susannah I eat draw Susannah on a drisana Egyptians greet
each other by saying call asana when totally bean Cola sana when totally bian
this means I wish her well every year when you meet someone for the first time
in the new year be sure to greet them with this phrase Egyptians also celebrate this holiday
with special events and customs like having a party this is why you should
remember this word hafla half flap this is party in Arabic this holiday is
concerned the Christian festivity however in a country like Egypt where
both Christians and Muslims reside New Year’s celebrations are not exclusively
confined to Christians therefore you can find many parties open to everyone and
not only for a specific group of people on this special day you can find a lot
of posts on social media starting with the phrase the half-light Rosh Hashanah
we have flat roses sana this means at the New Year’s party beginning a
sentence with a preposition is something that’s usually seen on social media and
in status updates you can post on your social media accounts how you celebrated
New Year’s Day using this phrase let’s wrap up this lesson by recapping
what you’ve learned listen to the expressions and repeat
after me New Year’s Day a draw Susannah a draw Susannah I wish you are well
every year called asana in total even call a sauna when totally bean party
hafla half-laughs at the New Year’s party for hafla trois
asana for half lacrosse asana well done here’s a fun fact new year’s
day is that they were Christians celebrate with Muslims every year in
Egypt Christians celebrate with Muslims during feasts and vice versa
this helps emphasize the fraternity amongst all Egyptians living in a single
nation you just learned how a Gyptian celebrate New Year’s Day and some
important facts about the holiday and if you want to learn Arabic twice as fast
just click on the link in the description and download tons of PDF
lessons for free see you all next time math Salima table New Year’s Day is the
day where Christians celebrate was in a single country nation yeah yeah

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