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How To Cardmaking Crafty Hack: 3 New Ways to use a stencil with HNDMD by Hedgehog Hollow

How To Cardmaking Crafty Hack: 3 New Ways to use a stencil with HNDMD by Hedgehog Hollow

Welcome! hi and welcome to hedgehog hallo today
we’re going to be showing you three ways to use the craft hang of leafy stencil
in some different ways other than just adding ink through it we’ll be looking
at using different color texture paste to make your own custom colors we can be
looking at using Perl X and we’re going to look at doing some resist with a
stencil for more mixed media and grungy feel so let’s get started so for our first project we’re going to
be using some Versamark with the loopy background and we’re also going to be
using it with our purl X which is the same as perfect pearls now underneath I
have taped this piece down and I have done the faux matching technique that
you may have seen me do before so I take my masking tape and I’m actually going
to mask off as evening as I can by eye all the way around around about a
quarter of an inch and that means it looks like when we take this off we have
a mat all the way around our piece but we don’t have to layer onto another
piece of card stock now this is black drawing paper so it’s a little bit more
sturdy than black cardstock I’m going to pace my leaf stencil over the top here
love this loopy background it’s so pretty and delicate and then we’re going
to take other mark and we’re just going to ink through our stencil and you want
to be quite generous hold down your stencil to make sure it doesn’t move on
you and I would just go over your piece a couple of time it won’t matter if
you’re missing a few little bits you won’t notice it at the end okay and I’m
just going to lift this up because in underneath I can see if there’s anywhere
just in the center here it needs a little bit more and as always running
this one bit of taper or not both you’ll be fine and they’re just tiny bits down
here at the bottom and this is going to be a great way to do a really simple
easy card got no stamping at all on today’s cards okay so then we can
remove this and I’m doing this project first because when you’re working with
pearl X or perfect pearls you want everything to be completely dry so I’m
going to wash this stencil quite a few times over today’s video which so we’re
going to do this one first while everything is still really dry now I
grabbed a few different colors I’ve got a selection pack and I grabbed out some
russet there’s some different golds there’s a rose gold and there’s some
different silver so I’m just going to take the lid off and we’re just kind of experiment as we
go you see these beautiful colors there’s so many different things we can
do with these perfect curls we can add gum arabic can do all sorts of funny
things with them I think I’m going to try and stick with some reds and golds
we’ll keep them all open and see where we go so let’s add some gold and as soon
as you just start spreading it over it’s going to stick to that Versamark so I
want to do a few different patches I’ll choose a different gold I’ll touch in a
few more patches and we’ll blend it all together in a moment or touch in a few
red areas and a few of kind of the pinks and the russet and then what we can do
is I’m going to turn it on a tilt because I’m left-handed if I’m going to
polish this up that’s actually ended up a little bit more red than I intended
but that’s fine every single one you do will be different unless you do a single
color we can also go in with some golds and it will pick up some more of that
pigment and you can see there that beautiful background that you can create
almost looks like foiling but it’s much much easier than doing soil so there you
go so that’s our background piece I’m going to clear this off I’ll show you
how to assemble your card we’re pretty much there so one take everything I’ve
got my Neenah solar white card base here it’s going to fold this in half and I’m
going to get my finger because I have a pre scored it and then this is our black
panel you can see that lovely crisp edge that we get on it through the masking
and that lovely shimmer that we have from that pearl X I’m just going to use
some foam pieces to put up a little bit so this is black drawing paper so it
stands up to water and all kinds of things you want to throw at it a little
bit more than regular black cardstock and we want to that way up
so you can see that it looks like I’ve got far more layers and I actually do
and then I pre-made some of these words the other day when I was doing another
video I’ll link this up in the blog post on Hedgehog color if you want to know
how to make your own glittered words but I have a little stack of these now next
to me and they’re great to just embellish a card or add a simple
sentiment with oh it’s incredibly sticky this adhesive so you will stick to it
all over the place like I am and I start with my oh okay with my H and then just
sort out the middle and this is a two layer sentiments if you’re watching that
video you’ll see that I do different ones with multiple layers and this is a
two layer one and that is your finished card really effective lots of sparkle
you could use it for mac saloon or feminine you could have any sentiment
you want to learn the bottom here but that is project one numbered project one
done and so let’s move on to project you so one quick thing just before we move
into project two I wanted to let you know is I would advise putting some kind
of sealant over this and the best thing for these because otherwise I’ll just
rub off with friction is just hairspray so I will take these upstairs later and
I will just put a quick coat of hairspray over it and that will stop
your / Lex just rubbing off it just gives it that final scene so now we can
move on to our second project we’re going to be looking at using texture
paste inside a stencil so again this is the cancer watercolor cold press 140
pound I like something pretty rigid when I’m working with texture paste and I’ve
done the same the foam adding about quarter of an inch around the edge so
let’s this time you’re going to want to stick down your sense feel fairly well
because you really you’re going to move it around quite a lot and you don’t want
it to move on you and this time I’m going to do a different orientation to
my card so I’m going to turn my stencil and I want some of these finer details
in here so I am going to be quite generous on the tape and this is just my
painters tape again everything’s linked up on the craft handles blog and on the
Hedgehog holo blog and I’m just working on a gesso board you get a few of them
for very inexpensive cost you can use them over and over and maybe once a year
I switch house turn you on so that’s our set up ready to go now we’re going to
prep our texture page because we’re going to make some colored texture paste
I’m going to use I’ve got a few different distress inks and distress
oxides you can use them both in here and this is the crack statio and I’m also
going to use the distressing pistachio which is still in its plastic casing I’m
just taking that off because I love the oxide so much I decided to invest now I
probably won’t end up using all of these but I like to have a selection there and
then I can dip in and out as I want to we’re going to start with some texture
paste this is the opaque matte texture paste and I’m just going to stir it up a
little bit and you don’t need a lot so that is more than enough and you can
always make more really easily anyway and then I’m going to add some Nouveau
shimmer paste to it this will just give it a nice glittery feel so that’s just a
tiny little bit on the end of my palate knife and then we’re going to mix it up
so it’s well mixed so you get that white opaque but it just has a little bit of
sparkle and we all like that little bit of sparkle so there we go so I’m just
mixing this in actually I think I might add a little bit more glitter piece this
is one of those recipes you just kind of get a feel for and you keep going until
you have the desired amount of glimmer it’ll make your glitter paste go further
too and it makes it a nice solid white now I’m going to add some different
colors of distress ink then excuse me just around the edge here and you can
see I’m not really adding much how these up and you’re going to want lots of
kitchen towels so let me just grab some of that too I’m going to put this at the
top of the frame here just over the sides you can see it and I’m going to
grab my board so this is the number one spatula again I just find inexpensive
set I’m going to mix in until bit of yellow to make some yellow paste and
sometimes you may need a second one of these just to help you move things
around a bit like when you’re baking with spatulas and you can mix it and
you’ve got a nice yellow shade and then I’m going to pick up some of that yellow
and I’m just going to smear it on and we’ll mix all the colors together at the
end while I’m on yellows I’m going to take another bit of the glimmer paste
and I’m going to mix it in with the yellow distressed oxide fossilized amber
and if there’s not enough ink we can add some more I’m just starting off with
little bits particularly yellows because I just want some yellows around the
corners and I’m just turning this and I’m going to put some yellow down there
as well and finally I’ll scrape up all of the
rest over yellow and we’ll put those and it will move around and blend as we add
more colors in now I’m going to just wipe off my yellows and you don’t need
to clean it or wash it or anything like that I just want to make sure that
there’s not too much left on there I’m going to start with a little bit of
cracked pistachio I’m just going to kind of divvy out my texture piece around
these greens and it doesn’t matter if they mix because we’re going to mix them
all anyway so let’s start with you a bit of this screen and you may want to go
for more of a rainbow you can kind of mix in any colors you like and we’re
just going to work in hashes so there’s one patch this is a darker green here
and I’m just mixing it in as I say you can add more ink to give you a more
intense shade less ink for the lighter shade because that white will mix in and
I think I’m going to go for a little bit more of that darker shade so I know
takes more mowed lawn here and I’m going to mix this in grab a bit more from the
middle and this is just one of those processes you want to just keep going
around until we have filled in all of us now we’ve covered in all over you can
see I’ve worked for the different shades of greens I’ve got some dark ones here
light ones here and they still don’t love the yellows towards the bottom now
the reason you want to work with a swim out at a time is it dries really quickly
so even by the end of finishing Mears is starting to dry out on me and in a
second I’m going to go and just run it under some more water along with the
stencil now before this dries you want to remove your stencil and masking tape
because otherwise it’s going to be really difficult to do afterwards it’s
worth mentioning that if you end up with too much excess you can just scrape it
over like this or alternatively I always keep the hand one of these little
squeegee tools and I’ll link this up as well and you can then just pull this
over the top as well and it will just even things out cut little tips there
depending on how much you end up with it’s a bit like icing a cake it’s just
trial and error so then you want to just carefully lift up your stencil and
you’ll be left with that beautiful resist underneath and while this is
still wet we’re also going to lift off our phone masking your matching because
again otherwise you’ll get some wrinkled edges you want to do this while it’s wet
and I’m just going to leave this on the board to dry maybe for about 15-20
minutes and then we can matte it up onto our card base so our piece is now dry
and you’ve got those beautiful shades in it those greens and yellows beautiful
spring-like colors in there now we’re going to mount it onto a card base I’ve
chosen some Neenah desert sand for this one just to give it a more natural feel
with those leaves in there and one of my staple just to die-cut
hello if you want to know when to die-cuts from again visit the blog
everything’s linked up for you and I’m going to stick this onto here and here’s
my hello that we’re going to stick on the back I did put a little bit of
double-sided adhesive it doesn’t go quite to the bottom I had a little scrap
that I popped on there but that will work fine this double-sided adhesive is
absolutely great for these really fine and things it just means that I have a
little bit more taking off the back just because it cuts off on that strip it
doesn’t join together but no worries so again I’m going to start on my oh and
this will stick onto that texture paste and just kind of fan your letters down
until you get to the first one so we go I love these hello cards because when
I’m ready to send it I can put the appropriate sentiment on the inside
whether it’s a get-well-soon whether it’s just stopping by thank you all
sorts of things hello covers a multitude of our card
needs so let’s move on to project free so for our final project again I’ve
taped down a piece of my black artist paper done my faux quarter-inch mapping
all the way around and I take down my stencil well I’ve taped it down because
we’re going to use some distress collage medium and then we’re going to use it to
give us the inverse of the stencil with our color this time so everywhere this
plastic will be where our color is and everywhere else will just be plain I’m
going to use my distress brush this is the distress collage medium crazing
everything will be linked up on the blog so if you want to know where anything
came from or you can’t quite catch the name during the video you can go back
I’m just going to use this piece off the top and you want to be reasonably
liberal it’s going to be to fix otherwise it will take too long to dry
but at the same time you want to make sure you’ve got everywhere covered
you’ll need to leave this to dry for again about 10 to 15 minutes and then
we’ll come back and we’ll add our color to our image and again while it’s wet
I’m going to remove all of this tape as well you can then just wash your stencil
with warm water and some dish soap and your brushes as well exactly the same
way so now we’re ready to add some color I’m using my fine tech iridescent
palette and because it’s not that easy to tell what the colors are I always
repeat the lid upside down or the box rather upside down on one lid so that I
can see what color I’m going for because they’re in the same order inside I’m
going to start off with this lovely green and they look like nothing until
you use them on some black cardstock or paper if you see me use them before
you’ll know how gorgeous they are and I’m going to add mostly green and I’m
just going to add a few splashes of gold because afterwards we’re going to add
once this is all dry we’ll add even more color now what
you’ll notice is those places where we’ve used the crazing are slightly
cracked and they’re resisting most of this green paint which will give us a
wonderful effect I’m just going all over this watch I’m
going to add a little bit more water just with my dropper bottle here and you’ll notice some of the paint when
you’re going we’ll go into those wonderful crack water just going to grab
a bigger brush because it will be better for my wash and I really want it to be
nice and even let’s grab some clean water onto that
brush as well so I have got my rinse well if you haven’t seen that again
check out our channel and but I’m just using my water pot here just to really
bring out some of that color Neil may I find your paper goes really warped like
this is going what I’ll do is I’ll let it dry and then I’ll run it just through
a Big Shot node I just threw my cutting plates and that will straighten out most
of my issues there I think I am going to add still a touch of gold and I’ve lend
that in with some more green and one I’ve got other colors going in I’m going
to add some of that golden copper like this and I’ll blend some of it out with
the green so what colors is very much an evolution you’ll find you may go and add
more than one layer sometimes you’re happy with your first layer I like the
dimension in that that’s mostly green with some hints of other things so again
leave this to dry for five to ten minutes you may want to give it a
helping hand with your heat tool just keep going over it just be careful not
to crack that crazy too much and I’ll come back once it’s dry so now we can
finish up our project I do have a few issues and I wanted to share them with
you so I piece was really warped so I mounted it just on a piece of plain
white cardstock just to give it a little bit more sturdiness I also had some
leakage underneath my tape I hadn’t pressed it down enough so I just trimmed
it up and then I decided that I’m going to do a black card base with a white
layer underneath and then that black just for a little bit more drama
you can either then write on the inside with a chalk pans from Khurana pens or
you can add a white panel and then write directly inside that now one final thing
I’m going to do is first I’m going to put this on its matting layer because
otherwise I could end up here in quite a mess
my preferred adhesive is the funky feet runner
it’s under $3 for a runner at last ages and it’s super super strong it’s from
tonic again all links are in the blog post below the video in the description
so I’m gonna stick that on to my white panel and I’m going to pre add the foams
that I’m going to be using my big roll of foam here this is the Scotch Big Mama
roll it’s super super value again I’ll link it all up for you in the best
places to purchase and I’m just going to add some foam down each side this foam
is really strong you can even have multiple layers if you want something a
little bit higher with a bit more drama it’s entirely up to you but it is scotch
and it’s designed to put pictures and things up so it will do last you really
well then I’m going to stamp a stick this onto my black card base again just
a piece of eight-and-a-half by eleven that I’ve cut links waves ready for my
base and then we can add our finishing touches I’m going to take this and I’m
going to put it this way up so my leaves face the right way up I’m going to put
that down I’m going to take a little bit this Inka gold which is a little move I’m going to try and lift up this piece
that wall seems to stick down we um now you need a tiny tiny amount I’m just
going to use it like this on my fingertips one of these will probably
last you forever and I’m just going to pick out a couple of areas where I’m
really going to highlight where it’s crazed into that textured crackle and it
just adds that little bit of Aging you can get these in multiple colors or
links again are there for you if you are interested in cleanup you can get them
in golds and Silver’s and pinks and all sorts because this is more of that
mixed-media grungy kind of card I wanted it more to look a little bit rusty and
rustic and old so I’m just adding this in to pick up some texture if you feel
you’ve added too much you can keep rubbing and you can rub it back off
again you can even just add it very lightly so
I’ll just go into some of this keep the groove and I just like how it gives it
that nice grungy finish and we’ll finish it off with another high because as I
say they’re really versatile sentiments I’m going to put this away because
otherwise we will have copper everywhere best things clean it off your house is a
baby wipe and we have plenty of those with a chilly in the house so I just
wipe off my fingers and now we can add our high now that’s what I forgot to put
adhesive on so I’m going to use my Nouveau deluxe adhesive and one of my
micro brushes and it’s going to use this to apply a thin coat on those areas the
deluxe tensive is really nice and strong again it’s a tonic product and the micro
brush will give you a thin coat so it doesn’t squelch out the edges and I
don’t want to charge anything from my really rustic looks and this is the dot
for the eye so and then just going to stick that down there so that is our
third and final project I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video on different ways
to use your stencils something a little bit different than just adding inks
through them as we normally would be sure to join us again next time here on
the hm DMV website and also subscribe to the Hedgehog hollow YouTube channel
we’ll see you again soon happy stamping bye

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